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Here I'll be blogging about my crazy adventures in this bizarre simulation game known as Tomodachi Life. Some questions & answers can be found at the bottom of this page. You can also read my review, scan QR codes, check out my collection list, see a list of kids born on my island, or see my islanders' special foods.

For funny moments of my Miis playing sports, check out my Nintendo Switch Sports Funny Moments video!

A couple's 4th baby is the 60th born overall, two Muppets are now sweethearts, and I hear from two travelers...likely for the last time.

Pauline gets a new sweetheart, Bobby Hill discovers a giant sausage, and a third Mii reaches level 99.

Breezy and Gaston get back together, Yukon and TZ have a baby, and Gavin nearly stomps out the Count.

I ask some Animal Crossing themed Quirky Questions, George Sr. finds Rosalina's missing key, and Bert and Shaq hang out.

An irate pirate has a fight with his brother-in-law, a rejection leaves Gaston's ears wet and droopy, and a bearded bird is spotted in town.

Inkling Girl asks out Zoidberg, I solve my 5,000th Mii problem, two couples get divorced, and Miss Piggy wants to date WHO?!

Super Mario Galaxy's princess moves in, Funke Buns go on sale, and it's a bad month for love connections.

A wedding, a divorce, and a botched proposal: Inigo Montoya prevents the Princess from becoming a Bride.

Miss Piggy births another freaky piglet, Villager and Stella have another daughter named Grace, and it's the end of the line for Lindsay and Annyong.

The island has a stray Skull problem, Mr. Bean and Maeby have a baby girl, and there's a failed proposal.

Mr. Bean brings the art gallery home, Yukon and TZ become sweethearts, and Elly is interested in Jeff again...

Baker uses bread to turn into a superhero, Gavin and Velma get married, and another couple gets divorced.

Miss Piggy and Darth Vader have a baby girl, Skull looks older than death, two new couples get together, and a new Mii moves in.

I find both of Anna's favorite reaction foods, TZ and Luigi have a baby, and Lindsay starts dating her adopted brother?

Skull wants a new hair color, Ryder wants to get back together with Emily, I save up $500,000, and more.

Darth Vader and Miss Piggy have a baby, an ugly son named Jackson. Also, Conan and Inkling Girl get married!

Introducing Anna Crossing! Villager and Stella's new baby moves into her own apartment. Also, Skull finds his all-time favorite food.

Just in time for Halloween, Skull moves in. Also, Velma and Weird Al get back together, and Tobias becomes a ballerina.

Mario and Peach become sweethearts, two babies are born, and a camper named Baggette pays a visit.

Ann and Tobias have a baby, Mr. Bean and Maeby get married, and I have trouble acquiring some birthday cake.

Villager invents half-invisibility, Inkling Girl gets a boyfriend, Ariana grows up, and Gaston goes skateboarding.

Villager and Stella have another baby girl, I find three of Marina's special reaction foods, and several islanders ask out Madison. Why not Zoidberg?

Marina from Splatoon 2 moves in, Bobby Hill and Madeline get married, desserts cause four reactions, and Inkling Girl dominates a game of Vs. Match.

Miss Piggy and Darth Vader get married, two other couples get divorced, and two new babies are born.

Tobias and Ann have a baby, Ryder and Emily get married, and traveler Charles returns home for a visit.

Madison and George Sr. break up, while two other couples get married. A Gaston bacteria appears, and Villager has an odd dream involving Lucille 2.

Bert from Sesame Street moves in, but he's not the only new islander. There's also a new baby and a new divorce.

Xavier and Hailey get married, Mr. Bean offers Peach his sausage, and a new camper Ryder sells me a reuben.

Batman & Squishy have their 5th baby, Ann finds two reaction foods, and a potty-mouthed camper arrives.

Tristan returns for a visit, I discover two of Madison's special reaction foods, and two islanders miss their exes.

Inigo Montoya teaches a dating class, Ann asks out Mario, and a rabbit and a pig are now dating?

Two power couples get divorced, I find out that birthday cake is Annyong's worst food, and I finally unlock the romance ranking board.

Mr. Bean ducklings are on the move, Madison and George Sr. become sweethearts, and Elly shows some interest in her ex-husband Jeff.

Bomberman gets immobilized by a mobile, George Sr. cooks up some prawns, and Squishy and Batman have yet another baby.

Batman and Squishy have a baby girl named Faith, Professor Shaq creates Robo-Bomberman, and Breezy gets launched into the air at a music festival.

Peach and GOB get married, as do Villager and Stella. Also, two other couples become sweethearts.

Zoidberg and Miss Piggy get remarried on Valentine's Day! Also, Mario and Madison become sweethearts, and Snoopy dreams of the future.

Zoidberg and Miss Piggy get back together again! Also, Emily gives birth to a baby girl, and Maeby asks me to return an item to her husband.

StreetPass tags result in Miis leaving, but no campers arriving. So the once-crowded port is thinning out. Also, Emily & Bobby Hill have a baby coming!

Jeff reaches level 99 (the maximum), Villager takes off in a hot-air balloon, and I finally find Zoidberg's super all-time favorite food.

Gavin invents mushroom shampoo, Zoidberg starts dating Madison, and Batman's funny face starts to bug me.

Conan and Maeby have a baby boy named Tristan, Charlie Brown and Snoopy both make funny faces for me, and several birthdays are celebrated.

Ann Veal from Arrested Development moves in, becoming the island's 50th islander! In an unrelated story, GOB dances for an eggplant.

Hop on a beetle and let's play Bug Sumo, the island's hot new sport. Mario and Luigi celebrated birthdays recently, and Yukon got a cool new interior.

A mystical Swedish Chef Deer is discovered, Ryder asks out Hailey, and sausage flavored toothpaste arrives.

The Swedish Chef sells me his tasty sausages, Mario gets a garage to work on his Mario Kart, and a banana nearly chokes on noodles.

All colors of the schoolgirl uniform have been stocked, but take a good look because it's the last SpotPass item.

Kevin Love teaches a tai chi class, new import-wear uniform colors are out, and Squishy has a growth spurt.

New rabbit hat colors are available, but not the color I hoped for. Also, Darth Vader and Peach get back together!

A new color of Nintendo uniform is unlocked, Yukon chokes on salad, and Sofia befriends a stray cat?

My islanders celebrate three birthdays in row. Also, Emily and Bobby Hill get married, another couple divorces, and some special food quotes.

New colors of the leprechaun hat are stocked via SpotPass, Jeff asks Elly out again, and Gavin and TZ become sweethearts.

Some GOB developments, two new couples, Villager blasts off for eggnog, and new colors of the clothing uniforms are available.

Xavier and Lindsay's new baby makes Zoidberg and Miss Piggy the island's first grandparents. A couple breaks up & new colors of football uniforms are available.

Tobias and Mr. Bean make some epic funny faces, TZ and Kevin Love become sweethearts, and all colors of the patterned kimono are now available.

Blake and Madeline get married, Villager gets a new sweetheart, I solve my 3000th problem, and all colors of samurai clothes have been stocked.

Madison finds her knight in shining armor, I collect all interiors, and all colors of earmuffs have now been stocked.

Villager becomes crabby, Madeline and Blake become sweethearts, Mario steps into the ring, and new colors of the ugly holiday sweater are available.

Miss Piggy turns into an Octorok, two campers visit the island, all colors of the interiors uniform have been stocked, and my quality of life tops 100 stars.

Tobias and Lindsay share confessions with me, and several islanders find their worst or worst ever foods. Also, all colors of the lederhosen are in stock.

Miss Piggy and Mario start dating, George Sr. and TZ break up, and Alien has an offer for TZ that she can't refuse.

All colors of the mummy costume have been stocked via SpotPass, a veggie festival is held, and I give Mac a smack.

Three islanders celebrate birthdays, and four discover their worst or worst ever foods. Also, Darth Vader in a swimsuit?

Breezy and Gaston have a daughter named Stella, and she later moves into her own apartment. Also, all colors of the bicycle helmet have been stocked.

Splatoon's inkling girl moves in, I collect all foods in the game, I unlock traveler rankings, there's a surprising wedding, and a not-so-surprising divorce.

I solve my 2,500th problem, Breezy & Gason have a son, Lindsay asks out Xavier, & all colors of the vacay swimsuit are now available via SpotPass.

The food mart uniform is now available in all colors, Inigo boards his pirate ship, Xavier becomes a fortune teller, and three new babies are born.

The Uncle Sam costume is now available in all colors, Breezy and Gaston have their first child Sofia, and Hailey & Blake get married.

Three couples in four days give birth to daughters, Miss Piggy and GOB get married, and Breezy & Gaston recover from a fight with a bun in the oven.

Ryder proposes to Emily, but they couldn't get married until I turned them into adults. Also, two break-ups, another baby, and Leah returns for a visit.

Chase returns home for a visit, Squishy divorces Mr. Bean and marries Batman, Breezy & Gaston get married, and a schoolgirl uniform is now available.

Six islanders asked out Miss Piggy, but only one got a yes. Also, several islanders get travel tickets and an Import Wear uniform is available via SpotPass.

A rabbit hat is available as a SpotPass download, Hailey and Blake become sweethearts, and my dock starts to get a bit crowded.

I solve my 2,000th Mii problem, TZ and Squishy both give birth to baby girls, and Madison dumps Bobby Hill to become sweethearts with Villager.

April brings cherry blossoms to the island (and interiors shop). Also, a Nintendo uniform is available via SpotPass and Velma has a happy son.

A traveler from overseas ends up at my campground, I get updates from some of my own travelers, and Shaq & Lindsay have their second son, Hunter.

Tobias causes problems in space, Squishy and Mr. Bean have their second baby, and a pawn shop uniform is available as a SpotPass item.

The baby boom continues with two more babies, causing me to rethink my plans on letting kids move into their own apartments. Also, Bobby Hill gets a girlfriend and Breezy fights with Luigi.

Spring arrives, with new items and a leprechaun hat as a SpotPass item. Breezy and Gaston finally get together, and even Miss Piggy finds a new love!

The island's first couple, Miss Piggy and Zoidberg, get divorced. Also, three new babies are born; two of them are among the ugliest yet!

The Swedish Chef borks his way onto the island, Squishy has her first Beanie baby, George Sr. and TZ get married, and a clothing uniform is available.

Jeff reaches level 50, Shaq and Lindsay get married, I give Villager a familiar tool, Leah grows up and moves out, and GOB becomes a banana cannibal.

A camper tells some tall tales, a football uniform is available as a SpotPass item, Madison & Gavin move into apartments, & Lucille 2 has her third daughter.

Sophie grows up and moves out, two couples (Darth Vader/Peach & Conan/Maeby) become first-time parents, and a Conan cloud is sighted.

I find seven new favorite/worst foods, Conan and Maeby get married, a patterned kimono is available as a SpotPass item, & there's a new baby!

Velma counts on her second wedding by marrying The Count, Mario and Luigi go on vacation together, and GOB (Mr. BananaGrabber himself) moves in!

Samurai clothes are now available as a SpotPass item, Conan and Maeby take a vacation in Japan, and Villager returns to his roots with a viking hat.

I unlock island rankings, I witness the most bizarre asking-out sequence yet, I buy the one-day-only roast turkey, & I slap a camper who won't sell me pie!

Animal Crossing's Villager moves onto the island, and Popeye and Lucille have their first baby. Also, earmuffs are now available as a SpotPass item.

For the first time, a couple other than Zoidberg & Miss Piggy has a baby on the way! Congrats to Popeye & Lucille! Also, I finally find one of Jeff's special foods.

Snow now covers the island and Christmas items are available in shops--including an ugly holiday sweater via SpotPass. Also, Jeff & Elly get divorced.

I send Zoidberg to outer space, and his family goes with him. Also, Miss Piggy has her sixth baby (a boy named Chase) and Maeby and Alien get divorced.

Miss Piggy gives birth to a boy named Ethan, Mr. Saturn grows 20 feet taller, Mr. Bean and Squishy get married, and another SpotPass item is available.

Jeff and Elly finally get married, I learn that Miss Piggy is expecting her fifth baby, and a divorce from Lindsay leaves Tobias feeling blue.

Lederhosen is available as a SpotPass download, a gamer interior becomes available, Snoopy shoots down Squishy, plus a Vader-Toadstool wedding!

Alien dances in his disco hall, a couple gets divorced, another couple gets married, Squishy advertises a Zelda game, & Weird Al celebrates a birthday.

For the first time on my island, a married couple gets divorced. Also, a pumpkin suit is available as the SpotPass DLC item for the second half of October.

I solve my 1000th problem, Mario gets arrested, I get an update from Scarlett, and two couples avoid breakups.

A mummy costume is available as the new SpotPass item, and a Halloween interior is available for this month only. Also, Maeby and Alien get married!

Annyong and Velma become the fourth couple to get married, Scarlett grows up and moves out, an odd cat convention is held, and Kevin Love moves in.

Miss Piggy has her 4th baby, and it's the ugliest one yet! Also, a hats uniform is available as a SpotPass DLC item and Conan goes fishing with Xavier.

I toss a frisbee in the park with a rabbit and an alien, I spin Miss Piggy until she's dizzy, Shaq asks for a hair accessory, and someone is expecting a baby!

I play a new mini-game with a camper; I had to smack the girl in the face to kill a mosquito! Also, Yukon has an awful day and Darth Vader asks for a ladybug suit!

A bicycle helmet is available as a SpotPass item, a pumpkin patch interior is available this month only, and there was an Arrested Development wedding!

Thanks to Conan, Alien and Maeby become sweethearts. Also, Miss Piggy gets a big cavity and Lucille blasts off for her super all-time fav, hard candy.

Popeye professes his love for Lucille 2, but two other challengers appear! Also, Amelia is all grown up now, and Batman has moved into the apartment building!

A new aloha shirt is available via SpotPass, I unlock a very cool bonus for reaching level 20, and Yukon Cornelius takes Charlie Brown to France?!

Inigo Montoya and Squishy become the second couple to get married, and they honeymoon in Tahiti. Also, Miss Piggy pops out her third baby. It's a girl!

The Shadow Quiz mini-game has you guessing objects based on their shadow outline. But what about when the items are all food on plates?

Inigo and Lindsay are the first couple on the island to break up...and it was entirely my fault! Also, I give Annyong an age-o-matic and a dog moves in.

A new vacay swimsuit is available as the SpotPass item for August. Also, I unlock splurge rankings, Xavier goes green, and Charlie Brown gets himself into a pickle!

Three new couples become sweethearts within a 24-hour span: Jeff and Elly, George and Lucille 2, and Inigo and Lindsay!

Jeff and Charlie Brown have a very heated argument that only Mr. Bean can resolve. Also, I start throwing gifts to make islanders dive for them.

I get my 2nd StreetPass camper, and he takes an outdoor bath! Also, Henry sends a letter home, Buster takes Mr. Bean to Hawaii, & Jeff finally meets Elly!

Nintendo sends out a new SpotPass item, a food mart uniform. Also, Luigi has a birthday and Breezy tries to set up Lindsay and Tobias.

I attend my first barbecue and things get a little heated. Also, Velma has a romantic dilemma, and I add Mario, Luigi, and Peach to my island.

Two islanders have extreme (but opposite) reactions to tap water. Also, Mr. Saturn joins the island and Darth Vader gets his heart broken.

Henry is all grown up now and ready to leave Wolf Bobs Island. I've sent him off to travel the world. Also, Mr. Bean tries to find Jeff a sweetheart...

Miss Piggy gives birth to her second baby, Henry. I also get a gift the camper left for me and celebrate the 4th of July with dangling hot dogs?

I get my first camper via StreetPass, plus there's a new SpotPass item for July and a second baby is on the way!

I gave Alien a cheeseburger, and he hated it so much that he melted into a puddle on the floor! Also, Charlie Brown breakdances & Bobby Hill is a dog?

I give Miss Piggy her super all-time favorite food, and she blasts off into space! Also, Alien gets some wardrobe changes & Shaq keeps looking up.

I solve my 100th Mii problem, I add more Arrested Development Miis, I play with my pet dog, and I look into several characters' dreams.

Shockingly, Xavier is now fully grown and getting kicked out of the house. Also, a new SpotPass item (a wedding dress) is now available through June 30.

I do some babysitting for Miss Piggy and Zoidberg as I play some peekaboo with Xavier. I also hypnotize Elly and give Darth Vader a bath?

Zoidberg and Miss Piggy have their baby, and he's just as ugly as I expected. Also, Tobias gets a new outfit and I take some pictures of Elly with the AR camera.

Tobias and Gaston get into a huge fight where they throw things at each other, Shaq moves in, and Zoidberg and his wife have plans for a little piggy.

Zoidberg and Miss Piggy tie the knot and go on their honeymoon! Also, Mii Homes opens up and I get the first SpotPass gift, a graduation cap.

The photo studio feature is now available, which allows you to take pictures of your Miis in dozens of different situations and poses.

I unlock Judgment Bay for polling my Miis, Jeff discovers the world's smallest Mii, and The Count delivers a scary threat to Alien. Plus a broccoli hat!

I participate in a rap battle, Darth Vader sings opera, I play football, I win some toilet paper, plus more Quirky Questions!

I fail at a mini-game that plays like an old-school RPG. Also, Yukon Cornelius and The Count move to town, plus there's a sardine outbreak!

Zoidberg and Miss Piggy make for a surprising first couple! Also, the population reaches 10, Miss Piggy sings metal, & the amusem*nt park opens.

I look inside the minds of several sleeping Miis, to see how bizarre their dreams can be. Also, the new observation tower opens up.

I start my Tomodachi Life adventure on Wolf Bobs Island. I import some Miis, move into the apartment, and learn the basics of the game.

Questions and Answers

When was Tomodachi Life released?

It was released on June 6, 2014, so it's available now!

Can I take screenshots of the game?

Yes! Just press the X button to take a screenshot of the top screen, or Y to take a picture of the bottom screen. The picture is automatically saved to your SD card, just like pictures you take in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

How many blocks does the digital version take up?

The game itself takes up 3,146 blocks, and my saved data currently takes 17 more blocks.

How long did the digital version take to download?

It took me about half an hour to download the full game. But your results may vary.

When naming your island, how many characters can use in the name?

You can use ten characters for your island name. Each space counts as a character too.

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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