Oakley Latch Sunglasses | Review, Comparison & Guide (2024)

Oakley Latch sunglasses were released in Fall 2015 and have continued to endure as a popular lifestyle frame. While not exactly our go-to style, we decided to give the Latch a try and were actually surprised.

Keep reading for our complete Oakley Latch review. Plus the differences between the Latch Alpha, Beta, and Original model.

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Oakley Latch Sunglasses Review

For this review, we got our hands on a pair of Matte Clear Latch sunglasses with Prizm Rose Gold Polarized lenses (pictured below). At first, we were most excited to try out the lenses, but this also gave us a great opportunity to try out the Latch frame.

Now let’s get into our review.

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Frame and Design

Starting with the frame, these are definitely lifestyle sunglasses. And while they’re certainly built for fashion, they can still handle some wear and tear.

The frame itself features a rounded lens design made of lightweight O Matter material.

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Thanks to the O Matter and thin earstems we found the Latch to be very comfortable for all-day wear. And we had no issues wearing them with a hat.

You’ll also notice the keyhole nose bridge on this frame, which adds a retro look. Overall it’s a unique feature, but for us, it’s the rounded lens design that stands out the most.

Latching Onto Your Shirt

One of the unique features of the Oakley Latch is a built-in clip or “latch” on the inside of the earstems that allows the sunglasses to clip onto your shirt.

Truthfully, we’re guilty of putting our Oakleys on our shirts before and never really thought this was an issue. But I’ll also be the first to admit I’ve had one or two frames fall off my shirt by doing this.

With the Latch, the clip definitely adds security when on your shirt.

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Our Latch sunglasses feature PRIZM Rose Gold lenses which we were excited to get our hands-on since their release. And they did not disappoint.

We’ve already covered contrast-enhancing Prizm lenses in our complete guide, so we won’t go into too much detail here. But to summarize, we’re big fans.

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Prizm Rose Gold actually surprised us in how well they worked as an everyday frame. With 13% VLT and a bronze base tint, they worked great in a variety of conditions from bright sun to overcast.

You can read our full Oakley Prizm Rose Gold lens review here, but this is definitely our favorite lens for the Latch thanks to its great performance and awesome appearance.

Size and Dimensions

The Latch is a medium to large size frame that looks best on square and oval faces thanks to its round shape.

We’ve included the full dimensions below for reference:

  • Frame Width: 140mm
  • Frame Length: 139mm
  • Lens Height: 45mm
  • Lens Width: 53mm

And be sure to check out our complete Oakley Sunglasses Size guide to understand how these compare to your other favorite Oakleys.


Since 2015, the Latch has been released in over 40 colorways. We’ve included the complete list below for your reference.

Colorway (Frame / Lens)Original Price
Corten / Torch Iridium$150
Gamma Green / Prizm Jade Iridium$163
Green and Purple Shift / Prizm Black Polarized$193
IR Red / Prizm Ruby Iridium$163
Machinist Matte Black / Chrome Iridium$150
Matte Black / Bronze Polarized$180
Matte Black / Chrome Iridium$173
Matte Black / Grey $130
Matte Black / Prizm Black Iridium$173
Matte Black / Prizm Jade Iridium$163
Matte Black / Prizm Road$163
Matte Black / Prizm Ruby Iridium$163
Matte Black / Prizm Sapphire Iridium$163
Matte Black / Violet Iridium$140
Matte Black Sapphire Fade / Prizm Sapphire Iridium Polarized$190
Matte Black and Jade / Prizm Grey$173
Matte Black and Ruby / Prizm Bronze$173
Matte Black and Sapphire / Prizm Grey$173
Matte Brown Tortoise / Dark Grey$130
Matte Brown Tortoise / Prizm Black Iridium$173
Matte Brown Tortoise / Prizm Grey $143
Matte Clear / Black Iridium$140
Matte Clear / Jade Iridium$140
Matte Clear / Prizm Rose Gold Polarized$203
Matte Clear / Prizm Sapphire Iridium$203
Matte Clear / Torch Iridium$140
Matte Crystal Black / Prizm Ruby Iridium$163
Matte Crystal Blue / Sapphire Iridium$140
Matte Grey Ink / Prizm Sapphire Iridium Polarized$193
Matt Grey Ink / Ruby Iridium$140
Matte Grey Ink / Sapphire Iridium Polarized$190
Matte Olive Ink / Emerald Iridium$140
Matte Sepia / Warm Grey$130
Matte Translucent Blue / Prizm Sapphire Iridium$163
Matte White / Chrome Iridium$140
Olive Camo / Prizm Tungsten$163
Pigeon Grey / Prizm Ruby Iridium$183
Raceworm Red / Prizm Black $173
Rosewood / Prizm Ruby Iridium$163
Ruby Fade / Prizm Black Iridium Polarized$190
Splatter Dark Amber / Prizm Black$163
Woodgrain / Prizm Black Iridium Polarized$203
Woodgrain / Prizm Daily Polarized$190
X-Ray Blue / Prizm Sapphire Iridium$163

Final Thoughts – Are They Worth it?

Yes, and no. Here’s why.

We loved our week of wearing the Latch, but the super round lens design isn’t our favorite for every day. Instead, they’re likely more an occasional fashion statement for most people.

But we’ll be the first to admit that while we thought the Latch feature was more of a gimmick, we actually ended up really liking it. It works – plain and simple.

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Overall for this pair, it all depends on personal preference.

If you’re a fan of round lenses and looking for a lightweight frame available in plenty of colors – The Latch is definitely worth it.

But if you prefer a more tame design, you’ll likely do better with frames like the Frogskins, Gascan, or Trillbe X.

Latch Alpha vs. Beta vs. Standard – What’s the Difference?

Within the Latch family, Oakley also released the Latch Alpha and Beta models. While they all share the same “latch” functionality for clipping onto a shirt there are some key differences we’ve highlighted below.

Latch Alpha

Starting with the Latch Alpha (Product Link), the biggest difference compared to the original is the updated design and materials.

First, the Alpha features a more square lens design compared to the original. You’ll also notice it has a double bridge instead of the retro keyhole bridge from the previous pair.

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In our opinion, these design changes give the Alpha a more futuristic look vs. the retro styling of the original. But its the frame materials that really get us excited.

The Latch Alpha features a Diecast aluminum frame front that’s super durable and lightweight. Plus the temples are made entirely of Unobtainium.

That means there is no lightweight O Matter nylon material on the temples. Instead, Oakley took its propriety Unobtainium rubber and transformed it into the earstems you see on the Alpha.


  • Futuristic square design with double nose bridge
  • Diecast aluminum frame with temples made entirely of Unobtainium
  • Built-in latch for attaching sunglasses to your shirt

Latch Beta

As we shift to the Latch Beta (Product Link), you’ll notice it shares the same overall design as the Alpha. That means you’ll find the same squared lens design and double nose bridge mentioned earlier.

But the biggest difference with the Beta is the frame material. Similar to the original Latch, the Beta is made of lightweight O Matter material.

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  • Same futuristic design as the Latch Alpha
  • O Matter frame that’s lightweight and durable
  • Same built-in latch technology as the Alpha and Original

Keep reading as we compare these three frames side by side plus how to find out which is right for you.

Alpha vs. Beta vs. Latch Side-by-Side Comparison

We’ve created the simple table below that compared all 3 models of this frame including the sizes and dimensions below:

LatchLatch AlphaLatch Beta
Frame MaterialO-MatterUnobtainium and Diecast AluminumO-Matter
Frame Width134mm135.5mm136mm
Lens Height45mm45mm45mm
Lens Width53mm53mm54mm
Arm / Temple Length139mm142mm140mm

Final Thoughts – Which Latch is Right For You?

Overall the biggest deciding factor when choosing between these frames is design. Specifically, whether you prefer the retro round look of the original Latch or the futuristic squared styling of the Alpha and Beta.

If you’re stuck between the Alpha and Beta, it will come down to whether you want the premium materials of the Alpha or the standard but more affordable Beta.

Amongst all of these frames, we’re picking the clean round design of the original Latch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Replacement Latch Lenses Available?

Yes, replacement Oakley Latch lenses are available directly through Oakley’s website (Link) or retail stores. During holiday sales, you can find these for up to 50% off which makes them a great deal.

If you’re looking to save even more, you’ll want to take a look at aftermarket lenses. Over the last few years, a variety of retailers have begun selling Oakley replacement lenses for as low as $10.

Be sure to check out our complete review and guide to the Best Oakley Replacement Lenses for more.

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Are Prescription Latch Lenses Available?

Yes, the Latch is actually available as both prescription glasses and sunglasses through Oakley or your local eye doctor.

For more information on prescription Oakleys and the ordering process check out our complete Prescription Sunglasses and Glasses Guide here.

Where to Buy Oakley Latch Sunglasses?

Your first stop for buying Latch sunglasses is likely Oakley’s website or one of their authorized retail outlets. By going in stores you’re able to try on the sunglasses, which may be useful for a pair like the Latch.

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But when it comes to buying, you’ll usually save more online.

Besides big sales like Oakley’s Black Friday event and other holidays, you can also find current Oakleys for 30% off consistently through aftermarket sites such as our Oakley Forum Exchange Areas or eBay.

For more information check out our full guide to Never Pay Retail Again for Oakleys.

Want to Know More?

Looking for more information or still have a question about your sunglasses? Join the largest online Oakley community and let us know in the thread below!

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