Palia The Gardener's New Oneness Quest And Walkthrough (2024)

Help The Gardener discover his Oneness and teach him the ways of a particular Skill for the Gardener's New Oneness quest in Palia.

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  • Palia The Gardener's New Oneness Quest Objectives List
  • How To Complete The Gardener's New Oneness Quest In Palia?

After completing the Temple of Roots quest and unlocking the Vault of the Roots, Palians can begin completing the vault's bundles to be awarded various rewards. However, a Discovery quest, The Gardener's New Oneness, can be unlocked, but they're tied to the new vault.

Einar and Hekla are still speaking with The Gardener, but as stubborn as he is, he doesn't appear to want to hear them out following their last visit. Hear what The Gardener's unhappy about by following the objectives below to help them complete The Gardener's New Oneness quest in Palia.

Palia The Gardener's New Oneness Quest Objectives List

The Gardener's New Oneness is a new Discovery quest added to Palia via the 0.178 patch update. This specific quest is related to the Temple of Roots questline, one of the prerequisites, as the temple's new vault needs to be unlocked for Palians.

Likewise, this Discovery quest can only become available by completing the Vault of the Roots bundles at the Night Sky Temple so that Einar can appear at their Housing Plot. With that said, let's look at the objectives to follow and complete for The Gardener's New Oneness quest:

  • Catch one Kilima Catfish
  • Cook one Cream of Mushroom Soup
    • Return to The Gardener
  • Ask around for more Oneness ideas
  • Talk to the Gardener
  • Get an Acorn
  • Grow the Acorn to maturity
    • Return to the Gardener

How To Complete The Gardener's New Oneness Quest In Palia?

Once Palains has met this quest's prerequisites, Einar will visit their Housing Plot with a new dilemma on his hands. He and Hekla are still communicating with The Gardener as they received messages that he had been unhappy since their visit, proving to be "reluctant" to hear what the Galdurs had to say.

While Einar assumes that The Gardener cannot be involved with his Oneness due to him not having a functional factory, Einar suggests convincing them to help The Gardener find a new one. Einar recommends introducing The Gardener to cooking and fishing; they'll receive this quest, which they can begin with the first two objectives.

To catch the Kilima Catfish, this Common rarity fish is found at any time of the day at Kilima Village ponds, including those at Mirror Field Ruins, Leafhopper Hills, and the Mayor's Estate, using Worms. The Cream of Mushroom Soup recipe is obtained in one of two ways: it can be given to them by Hekla during Jina's Friendship level 4 quest, Cheer Up, or found inside Hekla's Tent after reaching Friendship level 3 with her.

Once they've acquired these items, they can visit The Gardener inside the Temple of Roots in Bahari Bay, where they use the Flowstone gates to reach The Gardener faster. Specifically, after using the first Flowgate to the Hub, they must use the Flowgate to him directly, where they'll reach the room where they used the console table to speak with him.

Interact with the orb at the center of the table to begin chatting with The Gardener and select the appropriate dialogue options before giving him the fish and soup. Expressing his displacement with the items brought to him, he suggests they find "a more suitable form of stimulus" with a hint of something relating to "creation" to help them out.

Tasked with asking around the Village for some clues after exiting the temple, the map will mark Ashura, Auni, Badruu, Hassian, and Tish and speak to them individually. After talking to every Villager, it's clear that Furniture Making and Gardening may be potential Skills for The Gardener to learn, and they can return to him with an update.

Speak to The Gardener again, and a dialogue choice will be highlighted or marked for them to select before informing him that Gardening may be his Oneness. Initially disrespected at the idea, he alludes to them learning together sometime in the future before tasking them to grow an Oak Tree and bringing him an Acorn seed.

Acorns can be acquired by chopping large Sapwood trees, which are primarily found in Kilima Village, especially near the Housing Plot entrance. With the Flowers and Trees System added to the game, they must plant an Acorn and grow it to maturity before returning to The Gardener with an Acorn.

When they reach The Gardener inside the Temple of Roots and report back to him on their progress, he seems fascinated by Gardening and states that maybe they're right about it. Optimistic about learning more from them, he'll start up the factory again, and the quest will end at this juncture.

As thanks for helping him determine his new Oneness, The Gardener will award them ten Renown and the Temple of the Roots Tree. The tree can be placed anywhere on their Housing Plot; however, as of this writing, it cannot be modified or watered.

Palia The Gardener's New Oneness Quest And Walkthrough (2024)
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