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J. I I Death Notices 001 Death Notices 001 Friday, January 29, 1988 The Pittsburgh Press 1001 Death Notices 1001 Death Notices Death Notices LATEST DEATHS Ackerman, Norbert C. Allen, Hannah M. Peterson Aulicino, Tony Beck, Benjamin J. Brady, Charlene Matey Byers, Mary E.

Zarbis Condrick, Steve Connare, Patrick J. (Lefty) Estep, Frieda Marks Fireman, Katie Galus, William W. Haire, Bedona Craft Howe, Edna (Ardella) Hunter, Paul Scott Jacobs, Elizabeth C. Jaffe, Florence Jones, Harold A. Kohl, Madeline Lotty, Vincent M.

McCrum, Karl L. McRickard, George Mertens, Anne M. Mitchell, Charles J. Murphy, George P. Nespoli, Pauline Marie Rocco Pavlosky, John L.

Ralston, Lois G. Reinwald, Martha S. Rudge, Paulyne Iva Scanion, Cyril Joseph Sunday, Nicholas, Jr. (Bo) Thomas, Grace A. Thomas, Nevada E.

Vereb, George Workman, Forest G. 001 Death Notices ABBOTT Unexpectedly on Jan. 26, 1988, Frank Abbott of McCandless beloved husband of Grace V. dine Abbott; father of Marllyn Beck of Grandbury, Frank C. Abbott and Casandra Lee Oxford Ft.

Worth, brother of Anthony. A. and survived Bernard J. Abbott also by 18 grandchildren; 19 greatcelved orandchildren. from and 7-9 Frlends p.m.

at the SIMONS AL HOME INC. 7720 Perry Hwy. Funeral on Sat. at 9:30. Mass of Christlan burial in St.

John Neumann Church at 10 o'clock stead Cemetery. AULICINO ACKERMAN Of Carrick, on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 1988, Norbert C. Ackerman; beloved husband of Ruth E. Planitzer Ackerman; father of Toohey CIborowski, Gary, James, David and Lee Ackerman; brother of Melvin and Richard Ackerman; three grandchildren.

Frlends received at HOWARD A. FARNSWORTH FUNERAL HOME, 425 Brownsville Mt. Oliver. Funeral Saturday 9 a.m. Liturgy, St.

Basil Church 10 a.m. Visitation with family 1 to 9 p.m. ALLEN Hannah M. Peterson of Pah, on Jan. 28, 1988; wife of the late West Mifflin Police Sergeant John Edward Allen; mother of the late Edward J.

Allen; grandmother of Edward J. Allen, Jr. and Mary Anne Pilarski; great-grandmother of Steven Pilarski. Friends will be recelved Fri. only 2-4 and 7-9 V.

ANDERSON FUNERAL' HOME, West Homestead, where services will be held on Sat. morning. Interment Home- On Thurs, Jan. 28, 1988 Tony (Blondy) Aulicino; beloved husband of Marle Accettulla Aulicino; father of Anthony Aulicino' and Marie Nigro; grandfather, of Lori Betz, Tony and Lisa Aullcino, Gina, Bethle, and Billy Nigro; great-grandfather of John Remington and Sandra Marie Betz; brother of Catherine Miele, Rose Smith, John, Orlando (Lundel), and Emerick Aullcino. Frlends are being received In McCABE FUNERAL HOME, 6214 Walnut Shadyside, 2-4 Fri.

7-9pm, Saf. Sun. 7-9pm. Funeral Mon. 8:45 am.

Mass of Christian Burlal In St. phael Church, 10am. AULT On Jan. 1988, Robert L. Ault, husband of the late Elizabeth Evans Ault: beloved father of Ruth 800 Legal Notices NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS In Re: Andrew Garland Buck, a minor.

No. 379 of 1987 in the Orphans' Court Division of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. To the unknown father of Andrew Garland Buck, a minor born on the 22nd day of May, 1984, at Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. A Petition been filed asking the court to put an end to all rights you have to your child, Andrew Garland Buck. That hearing will be held in Courtroom No.

1 on the Eighth Floor the City -County Building, Grant Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 24, 1988 at 10 o'clock, A.M., Prevailing Time. You are warned that even if you fail to appear at the scheduled hearing, the hearing will go on without you and your rights to your child may be ended by the court without your being present. You have a right to be represented at the hearing by lawyer. You should take this paper to your lawver once. If you do not have lawyer cannot afford one, to or telephone the ofgo tice set forth below to find out where you can get legal help.

Lawyer Referral Service, The Allegheny County Bar Association, 920 City-County Building, Pittsburgh, Telephone: Pennsyl- 412- vania 15219, 261-0518. James J. Dodaro, County Solicitor, Cheryl Allen Craig, Assistant County Solicitor, 300 Ft. Pitt Commons Building, 445 Ft. Pitt Boulevard, 15219, (412) 644-1120, AttorPittsburgh, Pennsylvania nevs for Petitioner.

NOTICE IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS OF ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA hereby given to Notice is the following persons, their and heirs, to all persons assigns, whatsosuccessors or ever, that the City of Pittsburgh by John 327 Regis City Valaw, CounTax Solicitor, tv Building has petitioned the Court for Orders quieting title to the pursu- tax following acquired real estate, ant to Act No. 171, 1984. of Pittsburgh vs. Fred proved December 11, City J. Hodges, Thelma Hodges.

GD-1988-00997 Purchase Price: $750.00 All That Certain lot or piece of ground the City of situate in the 5th Ward of Pittsburgh, Alleof Pennsylvania, more gheny and Commonwealth bounded and described as follows, to-wit: Beginning At A of Point Breck- on the Southerly side enridge Street at a Westerly point distant Morgan 297.35 Street; thence feet from continuing along the Breckenridge Southerly side of Street, West, a distance 37 feet to a point; thence Southwardly and Street, at a right angles to Vera of 197.61 feet to the Northerly thence line of Vera the Street; line of along Vera Street, East, 37 feet to a Northerly point; right, angles to thence Northwardly and at Street, a Breckenridge of 197.61 feet to the tance place of beginning. Thereon Erected a Having two- brick dwelling and known as house situate No. 3 Breckenridge Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; also known as Terrace. as Block Being Designated Lot 286 in the Deed 10-M. Registry Office of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

City of Pittsburgh vs. Gerard Moeller. GD-1985-00998 Purchase Price: $500.00 All That Certain Lot Or in Piece Of Ground situate PREVIOUS DEATHS Abbott, Frank Ault, Robert L. Banovatz, Carl C. Barnett, Howard Beecher, Virginia McIntosh Beighel, Olinda Bonnar, George E.

Sr. Bregar, John Burr, Harry Dewey, John W. Sr. Dunham, Dennis M. Germann, Vesta H.

Green, William C. Sr. Heitzenroder, Frederick A. Hejnosz, Anna Indovina, Rose M. Jakubek, Genevieve B.

Johnston, Bertha H. Keeney, John H. Klaas, Harry A. Kronz, Mary A. Sabol Lange, Gladys Schwartz Lawson, Oswald Leap, Mildred R.

Lilly, Ruth M. Milesko, Olgierd C. Miller, William Paganucci, Lil Reichle, Howard E. Schockling, Leonard A. Snyder, William C.

Jr. (Flash) Speer, Jerome (Jerry) B. Treese, Gertrude E. Ross Trimbur, Annabelle Rose Whitaker, Hubert E. Wozniak, Sylvester W.

001 Death Notices Haas and Jane Weibel or Wayne, IN; also seven grandchildren and seven brother late Florence Corwin. Frlends may call Friday 1-4 and 7-9 pm at the WILLIAM C. HIRT FUNERAL HOME, Alice. 704 Services Brownsville Sat. 10 Rd.

a.m. The family suggests contributions to the American Heart Assoc. Forms available at the funeral home. BANOVATZ On Wednesday January 27, 1988, Carl C. Banovatz of Dormont; beloved husband of Irene M.

Kielb; father of Deborah Sanovatz; stepfather of Dennis Wesolowski of Long Beach CA; Uncle of Beverly and Patsy. Friends at BEINHAUER MORTUARY, Member of the Golden Rule, 2630 West LIberty Ave. 7.9 p.m. Thursday and 2-4 7-9 p.m. Friday where Blessing Service will be held Saturday at 10 a.m.

Interment St. Nicholas Cemetery, Mt. Troy BARNETT On Jan. 27, 1988, Howard of Swissvale; husband of the late Elizabeth Smith; father of Jean Wright of Swissvale and Betty Jane McMunn of IN: also six grand six great grandchildren; brother of Bissell of Wilkinsburg. Friends received 7-9 2-4 Fri.

at THOMAS L. NIED FUNERAL HOME, 7441 Washington Swissvale. Services time BECK Jan 28, 1988, Benjamin J. of Ross, widower of Nancy Ann; father of Harley Francis R. Myler: grandfather of James G.

Myler; also 15 grand and greatgrandchildren, 7-9 Visitation NEELY'S Sat 2208 Mt Royal Biv Glenshaw. Serv. Mon 11am BEECHER On Tuesday, Jan. 26, 1988, Mcintosh Beecher; mother of Mrs Virginia Beecher Blair; daughter of late Dr. Daniel Fraser Mcintosh and Virginia Colgate, Smith Mcintosh: grandmother Oliver Blair I.

Visitation with family Saturday in the Eastminster Room of the Eastminster Presbyterian Church, 250 North Highland 'at 10 a.m., at followed funeral service a.m. Interment private In Greenwood Cemetery. Arrangements by JOHN A. FREYVOGEL SONS, INC. BEIGHEL Olinda on January 27, 1988, formerly of Rosslyn Farms, wife of the late Beighel; mother of Robert of of Pah Nancy Craig Thornville OH; also two grandchildren five great- 800 Legal Notices the 24th Ward of the City of Pittsburgh, County of Allegheny and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, being Lot No.

57 in William Haslage's Plan as the same is recorded in the Office for the Recording of Deeds, in and for said Allegheny County in Plan Book Volume 23 at pages 120 and 121, said lot being more particularly bounded and described as follows: to-wit: Beginning on the Northeast corner of Lappe Lane and Haslage Avenue in said Plan; thence along the Easterly side of Lappe Lane, North 26' West, a distance of 111.26 feet to the of Southeast corner of Lappe Lane and Yetta Avenue and on the dividing line between Lots Nos. 57 and 58 in said Plan; thence along the dividing line between Lots Nos. 57 and 58 in said Plan, a distance of 100 feet to the Northerly side of Haslage Avenue; thence along the Northerly side of Haslage Avenue, south 34' West, a distance of 48.77 feet Lappe Lane, at the place beginning. a Being designated as Block 24-B, Lot No. 27 in the at Deed Registry Ofice of Allea cheny County.

City of Pittsburgh vs. Janie Dawkins, Thomas L. Gilmer, County of Allegheny, Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh. GD-1988-00999 Purchase Price: $3,000.00 Description Of Property: All That Certain Piece Ground situate in the 3rd (formerly 11th) Ward of the City of Pittsburgh, County Allegheny and Pennsvivania, Commonwealth of bounded and described follows, to- wit: Beginning at a point the Easterly line of Vine Street distant 135 feet North from the Northeasterly, corner of said Vine Street and the present line of Colwell Street, and at the Southwesterly corner of Lot No. 6 in Plan of Lots of Alexander No.

Forsyth of Subdivision of Lot 8 in Jane lough's Plan, said Forsyth Plan being recorded in Recorder's Office of sald legheny County in Deed Book Volume 79, page said thence Southerly along line of Vine Street, 50 to a point at the Northwest. erly corner of Lot No. 3 said Forsyth Plan; thence Easterly, along the' dividing line between Lots Nos. and 4 in said Forsyth Plan, 60 feet to a point; thence Northerly, Vine by a line and parallel to Street line of what was formerly Ground, 50 feet to a point property of Baptist Burlal at the Southeasterly corner of Lot No. 6 in said Forsyth Plan; thence Westerly by the dividing line between Lots Nos.

5 and 6 in Plan, 60 feet to the aforesaid line of Vine Street the point of beginning. Being Lots Nos. 4 and Plan of Lots of Alexander in hereinbefore menForsyth tioned. Being designated as Block 2-H, Lot No. 314, in Deed Registry Office of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

City of Pittsburgh Estate vs. ward DeBruce, Nazera Libous. GD-1988-01000 Purchase Price: $1,500.00 All that certaln lot piece ground situate the Fifth Ward, City Pittsburgh, Allegheny tv, Pennsylvania, being Nos. 12 and 19 and parts Nos. 13 and 18 In Lots W.

Third Plan in the Lots recorded corder' Office of Allegheny County In Plan Book 2, part 2, page bounded and described follows: Beginning Centre on the southerly side of Avenue feet eastwardly from southeast and corner Centre Avenue; of Street 001 Death Notices grandchildren. Memorial service 11 a.m. Monday, February 1, St. John's Lutheran Church, Washington Avenue, Carnegle. BONNAR On Wed.

Jan. 27, 1988 George E. formerly of Dormont; husband of the late Julla Kelly; beloved father of George E. Bonnar Betty Lou Seberry and the late Margie Burford; brother of Elizabeth Bonnar; also survived by 12 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. Friends welcomed at BEINHAUER MORTUARY, Member of the Golden Rule, 2630 West Liberty Ave.

on Thurs. Fri. 2-4 7-9pm. where Service will be held Sat. at 11am.

BRADY Charlene former Churchill residenf on Jan. 25, 1988; daughter of Helen Matey of Evan City; wife of the late Frank Brady. Service Interment were handled at WILLIAM H. CRAIG BREGAR On Tues. Jan.

26, 1988; John, beloved husband of Elizabeth (Wultsch) Jean Bregar; Boland On father of Toni, and John J. Bregar; brother of Frank Bregar of minle, and the late Frances Nataley Anthony Bregar; also survived by 8 grand- D. children. Friends received Thur. 2-4 7-9 at the CHARLES W.

TRENZ FUNERAL HOME, 11110 Frankstown Penn Hills. Funeral on Saf. 9am. with mass of Christian burlal at St. Josephs Church at 10 am.

Family suggests memorial contributions be made to the American Cancer Society or a charity of your choice. BURR Harry, of Coraopolis on Jan. 26, 1988; brother of Virginia Potts; 3 sister-In-laws; also many nieces and nephews. Visitation COPELAND'S, CORAOPOLIS, 867 5th Thurs. 7-9 and Frl.

2-4 and 7-9. Service Sat. at p.m. BYERS Mary E. Zarbis, 27, of Glendale, on Jan.

of the late Byers; mother of Elizabeth. sh*t lakes, Marcella Wood and Daniel Byers; five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren: sister of George and Willam Zarbis. Friends are Invited to call 7.9 p.m. Fri. and 2-4 7-9 p.m.

Sat. and Sun. at the LEO J. HENNEY FUNERAL HOME, 323 2nd Carnegie. Funeral on Mon.

with Mass of Christian Burial In St. Joseph Church at 9:30 a.m. CONDRICK Steve, age 67 of Blairsville, on Jan. 28, 1988; retired employee of J.C. Casey brother of Andrew, George, Barbara, Annie and Agnes Condrick all of Blairsville.

Friends recelved on Friday 7-9, Sat. 2-4 7- 9 at FUNERAL HOME, Blairsville. Services on Sunday at 1:30. CONNARE Patrick J. (Lefty), of Beechview; formerly of Soho.

On Thur. Jan. 28, 1988, husband of the late Alice, beloved of Grace Gibson of Crafton; Patricia Buskirk. of Brookline; and James, P. of Beechvlew.

Brother Della Petriches of Detrolt, Mich; and the late Catherine also ten grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Friends may call at the FRANK F. DeBOR FUNERAL HOME, INC. 1065 Brookline Blvd. Fri.

7.9 p.m. Sat Sun. 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Funeral on Mon. 9 with Mass of Christian Burl: al to follow In St Catherine of Siena Church at 10 a.m.

DEWEY On Jan. 26, 1988, at Dover, DE Morningside) John W. Dewey Preceded in death by wife Catherine Bolt Dewey. He Is survived by his Mary Agnes Dewey; three sons John W. Paul T.

and Dennis M. Dewey; also survived by eight grandchildren and one brother of from MCCABE Mary Tortorette. Funeral FUNERAL HOME, 5300 Penn East End, on Jan. '30, at 10 a.m. Mass of Christian Burial In St.

Raphael Church at 11 a.m. Visitations with family Fri. 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. DUNHAM On 26, 1988, Dennis M. of Sewickley: husband of Cynthia Wohler; brother of Rebecca McComb and Carrie Dunham; son of the late Victor and Helen Wiblin Dunham; son-In-law of Ron and Alice Wohler.

The famIly will received friends 2-4 and 7-9 Fri. PFEIFER FUNERAL HOME, 512 Grant Millvale where Service will be held Jan. 30, 10:30 a.m. ESTEP On Thursday, Jan. 28, 1988, Frieda Marks; wife of the late Herbert; mother of Frieda Bohn and Mary 800 Legal Notices thence eastwardly along Centre AVenue 40 feet to line of Lot No.

11 in tne hereinafter mentioned plan of lots; thence, southwrdly along the of Lot No. 11 and lot No. 12 in said plan and at right angles to Centre Avenue 140 feet to LaPlace Street; thence westwardly, along LaPlace Street 40 feet to a point; thence northwardly and by a line at right angles to Centre Avenue 140 feet to Centre Avenue at the place of beginning. Being designated as Block 10-R, Lot 119 in the Deed Registry Office of Allegheny County. City of Pittsburgh vs.

John J. Dwyer. GD-1988-01001 Purchase Price: $300.00 The land referred to in this Commitment is scribed as follows: All that certain lot or piece of ground the situate of in the 26th Ward of City Pittsburgh, County of Alleghenv and Commonwealth to of Pennsylvania, being Lot of in E. C. Kreiling Plan of Lots No.

and recorded in the Recorder's Of. Allegheny County, Pennsvivania, Page in 20. Plan Book Being designated as Block 77-K, Lot No. 47 in the Deed Registry Office of Alleghenv County, Pennsylvania. City of Pittsburgh vS.

Oliver L. Walker; Sidney R. Finkel; Horrigan Consumer Of Discount Company; United States of America; burgh National Bank; Mellon of Bank, N.A.: Joyce E. McConnell; Shondel Mitchell; Associate Consumer as count; Bethlehem Wire and Fence Company; Urban Reon development Authority of Pittsburgh; Eastwood Shopping Center. GD-1988-01002 Purchase Price: $2,500.00 First Described: All That Tenth Ward of the City of Property situate In the Pittsburgh, County of Allecheny Commonwealth Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows, the to-wit: Al- Beginning at 8 point on the South line of Kincaid 715; Street, distant 85.96 feet Westwardly from the feet west corner of Winebiddle Street and Kincaid Street, In said point being the center line between the building on the lots herein described and that of the building adlacent East; thence said center line, South 42' West for a distance of 45 by feet to a point; thence by a line North 18' West for a distance of 14.05 feet to point; thence by a line North 11 42' East for distance of 45 feet to the and South line of Kincaid Street thence by said line of Kinsaid caid Street, South 18' East for a distance of 14.04 at feet to the point in the center line of said wall at the 5 place of beginning.

Being designated as Block 50-K, Lot No. 33 in the Deed' Registry Office of Althe Second Described: All legheny County. said That Certain Piece Or Parcel of Land situate in the Tenth (10th), formerly NineEd- teenth (19th) Ward of the of City of Pittsburgh, County of Allegheny and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, bounded and described as or follows, to-wit: in Beginning at a point on of the Southerly side of Kin. feet caid Street distant 100 lots Westwardly from the Southof westerly corner of WinebidA. die Avenue and Kincaid of Street; thence Westwardly Re- along the line of Kincald Street, a distance of 40 feet Vol- to a point; and thence 149, tending in depth from Kin.

as cald Street, preserving uniform width throughout 40 feet, a distance of 260 feet. the Being designated in the Soho Deed Registry Office of Allegheny County. Pennsylva- Death Notices 1001 michael; also 11 grandchil- neral dren; 26 great-grandchildren '14 great-great-grandchil- ment dren. Friends recelved DAY ONLY 2-4 p.m. FUNERAL EDWARD HOME, A.

INC. Paul SCHEPNER 165 Noble Cratton. Mass Christian Burial In St. Martin Church, Sat. FIREMAN Alta Jan.

28, 1988, and Katie Fireman; beloved wife Hyman Fireman; beloved p.m. mother of Miriam (Mimi) AL Bozarth of Baytown, TX and Marsha Rubenstein of Mt. neral Lebanon; daughter of Rebecca and the late Morris Pechersky beloved sister of Sylvia Sockel Al Rite, chersky, both of Irv an Pechersky Jay Friedman both of LA, CA Betty Lewis of Miami Beach; On also survived four by seven Rose grand great wife children. Friends meet RALPH SCHUGAR CHA- and PEL, 5509 Centre Ave. (Shadyside) Sunday at 10 a.m.

to leave, Immediately attend o'clock Graveside Services at Shaare Torah Cem. Contributions to the American Heart Assoc. GALUS Sat. 2-4 January 27, of 1988, tian William W. Galus, Ross Twp, beloved husband of Rosemary Snyder Galus; beloved father of Sharon Seltz, On Janice Weaver, and William Galus; beloved brother of Virginia Springob; also vived by 7 grandchildren.

Friends recelved at SIMONS FUNERAL HOME 7720 Perry Hwy, where services will be heid Sat. at 1 pm. GERMANN Vesta on Jan. 27, 1988; wife of the late Clarence 29, (Jim) Germann of Poh. and Florida; passed away at the St.

Regency Hail Nursing Home. Mother of Dorothy Davies 11 and Walter Germann; grandmother of Dennis Davies, Denise Smith Gordon and Mark Germann, Lynn Karen of Jones; Jason great. grandmother and and On Sara Jane, Germann Shawn Smith. Friends celved at the SCHELLHAAS FUNERAL HOME, 388 Center Ave. (off Horseshoe St.

Bend) West Sat. View, at Fri. 12 2-4 7-9. Service Noon. GREEN William C.

on Jan. 26, 1988, of Pleasant Hills, husband Mary Dean the Green; father of Ann William Langholz, C. Mary of Columbus, OH; brother of Jack and Robert Green, Ruth Hart, Lols Wagner and Katherine Fina, of CA; five On grandchildren and five Friends recelved at JOHN F. SLATER FUNERAL HOME, 4201 Brownsville Brent. wood, Thurs.

2-4 7-9 p.m. Funeral on Sat. morning at 10 at the Zion Lutheran Church, Brownsville Rd. at Rte. '51.

Family suggests contributions to Alzheimer's Disease related Disorders Assoc. 70 East Lake Chicago, 60601- 5997 or Zion Luthern Church Memorial Fund, Rt. 51 at Brownsville Rd. HAIRE On Wednesday, Jan. 27, 1988, Bedona Craft, formerly of Mt.

Lebanon; beloved mother of Joanne' E. Baughman, Betty Jeanne Haire and Richard S. Haire; also survived by seven grandchildren; three andchildren; three sisters; three brothers. Friends received at the BEINHAUER MORTUARY, Member of the Golden Rule, 2630 West Liberty 2-4 7-9 where service will be held' Sat. at 11 a.m.

interment in William Penn Memorial Cemetery. HEITZENRODER On Tuesday, January 26, 1988, Frederick A. formerly of Berkeley Hills, husband of the late Mildred Wickline; father of David A. Beth Ann Buchholz, Gary Rev. Fred C.

Mark brother of Ann Walker: also five grandchildren. Friends reat the SCHELLHAAS FUNERAL HOME, 388 Center Ave. (off Horseshoe Bend) West View on 2-4 Thursday 7-9 Friday 7-9 pm. Services In Berkeley Hills Lutheran Church, 517 Sangree Road, at Poh, 10:30 15237 on Saturday a.m. Family requests donations to the church.

HEJNOSZ On Wed. Jan. 27, 1988, Anna, beloved wife of the late Jacob; beloved mother of two sons one daughter; also four grandchildren three great-grandchildren. Friends recelved at the WALTER J. ZALEWSKI FUNERAL HOME, 216 44th St.

Lawrenceville 1-9 pm. Funeral on Sat. 8:30 am. neral Mass In Holy Family Church at 9:30 am. HOWE Thursday, January 28, 1988, Edna (Ardella); beloved wife of LaRoche; grandmother of David L.

King, Brett D. King and Patrice King Brown; great-grandmother of Guy and Lauren Brown. Visitation Friday GEORGE A. WARDEN FUNERAL, HOME, 1100 N. Homewood Ave.

Fu- 800 Legal Notices nia as block 50-K, Lot No. 35. City of Pittsburgh vs. abeth A. Yeager, George H.

Penn and Dollie Penn. GD-1988-01003 Purchase Price: $500.00 All Those Certain Lots situate in the 10th Ward of the City of Pittsburgh, County of Allegheny and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, being Lots No. 36 and 37 in a Plan of Lots known as Valley View Place, laid out by J. Walter Hay, recorded in PlanBook Volume 8 pages 328 and 329, bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a point Wicklow on the easterly side of Street at the distance of 83.68 feet southwardly from the corner of Wicklow Street and Columbo Street, and at the corner of Lot No. 35 in said plan; thence southwardly along Wicklow Street, 40 feet to the divid.

ing line between Lots Nos. 37 and 38 in said plan; thence eastwardly at right 100 angles feet to Elora Way; to Wicklow Street, thence northwardly, along the westerly side Elora Way, 40 feet to the dividing line between Lots Nos. 35 and 36 in said plan; thence westwrdly along said dividing line, 100 feet to Wicklow Street, at the place of beginning. Being designated as Block 50-H, Lots 218 and 219 in the Deed Registry of Allegheny County. Whereupon the Court granted a rule on the aforesaid persons, and all persons, whatsoever, to appear and show cause within thirty days from this notice why the title of the City of Pittsburgh to the aforesaid real estate should not decreed be adjudicated and valid and Indefeasible as against all ground-rents, rights, title, inferest in or claims against the aforesald real estate, and to further show cause why the sale of the said real estate should not be made free and clear of all the aforesaid claims ever.

EUGENE L. COON, Sheriff PATRICIA E. Campolongo, Esquire; Dattilo, 32nd Barry, 'Cambest, Floor, Gulf Tower, 707 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219-1913. Notice is hereby given that effective as of January 1988, the Partnership of Woodlawn Golf Course located at R.D. Bull Creek Road, Tarentum, Pennsylvania 15084 has undergone The formal dissolu- Partner, tion.

remaining Robyn Lawther, shall continue on under Woodlawn Golf Course as a sole proprietor. PUBLIC NOTICE CITY OF PITTSBURGH Notice is hereby alven that a Petition, Bill No. 3646, has been Introduced in the Council of the City of Pittsburgh on November 9, 1987, entifled: Petition from the residents of the Troy Hill area, North Side, City of Pittsburgh, requesting a public hearing to discuss the rehabilitation or closing of Engine Company No. 39, known as the Troy Hill Fire House. And that the Council the City of Pittsburgh will conduct a public hearing to consider said matter In the Council Chamber of the City of Pittsburgh, Fifth Floor, City-County Bullding, burgh, Pa.

February 15219 on 1988 at day, 9, 2:00 o'clock, P.M. Citizens wanting to testify at this hearing MUST contact the City Clerk's Office at 255-2138 prior to the above-mentioned hearing to have your name placed on the speaker's list, Speakers will be limited to five minutes. MICHAEL PERRY, City Clerk Death Notices Saturday 2 p.m. In the late Leo F. five wife' Warren U.M.

Church. Inter- also survived by Homewood Cemetery. nieces, two nephews one Miffin; -niece. Friends reHUNTER celved 2-4 and 7.9 pm Blessing Scott January Hunter of 28, 1988: JOHN J. GMITER FUNERAL Sat.

Thursday and Friday at the beloved of Elwellyn neral HOME, 119 Saturday S. 15th at St. a.m. Fu- HOME, Kessler Hunter: father of Mass of Christian Burial in ton Timothy, Paul Hunter; brother five of St. Josaphat Church 10 a.m.

grandchildren; William Birch, Hunter. Georgia Friends Jones JOHNSTON Mary received 2-4 7-9 Bertha H. on Jan. wife 24, Jan. at READSHAW FUNER- of 1988, the of late Baldwin Albert Boro, J.

John- late HOME, 1503 er Brownsville Carrick. Fu- ston; mother of Alvey and OH, Sat. p.m. Burial Jet- Wesley Johnston and the Kronz; ferson Memorial Park. late Norman Johnston; and four five Andrew Member of A.M., Germania Scottish Friends celved Lodge grandchildren Syria Shrine Luther- SLATER received at FUNERAL the JOHN HOME, F.

G. p.m. the Redeemer 4201 Brownsville Brent- 900 Church of INDOVINA wood, Fri. from 2-4 7-9 Pgh. M.

Jan. Indovina; 25, beloved 1988: will be held on Sat. at 10:30 p.m., where Funeral Service al indovina; of the mother late of Angelo Phillp J. a.m. gests contributions to Balif desired family John Indovina; sur- I dwin Knoedler United Presb.

15236. Church, vived also five 1988, grandchildren. Friends great: JONES E. Twp; being received in McCABE On Jan. 27, 1988, step-father Har- late HOME, 6214.

Walnut of Dr. H.R. Primas Jr. of BROS. FUNERAL old beloved Shadyside on Thur.

and Fri. Scottsdale, AZ Telcher and of Mrs. San and and 7-9 p.m. Funeral Charlotte 9 a.m. Mass of Jose, CA; also survived by sister burial In St.

Raphael three grandchildren, three four Church at 10 a.m. great- grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Memorial JACOBS vices at GAINES FUNERAL AL Elizabeth Thursday, C. of Jan. 28, N.S.; 1988, Sun.

at 3 p.m. neral HOME, 220 Auburn E. 2-4 the loved daughter Anna and George; beloved KEENEY sister of Alice Soltis, Irene January 26, 1988, In On M.D., Jacobs, Sylvia Mazza, Lols Stamford, husband CT of John the late No. George Jacobs H. Droney, the late.

Gertrude Alice Keeney; Brown Keeney; father father Jacobs, Friends recelved at NOVAK of Carol M. Keeney Keeney Munro, John abel Mathilda Ilcisin. FUNERAL. HOME, 3313 Robert Keeney James er Brighton on Jan. McCleane Keeney and Alicia 1988, of 10 Christian am to Burlal Keeney Commertord WilMass Gabriel Archangel at liam Dilworth; also, survived Church Jan.

30, 1988, by 15 -grandchild; grandchildren broth- and a.m. The family requests one Mrs. Samuel M. Sipe day memorial contributions to of Edgeworth, PA. Graveer of Bethlehem Haven or side, Services will be In gheny Home Care Hospice.

Sewickley Cemetery on SatJAFFE urday, Arrangements Jan. 30, by at 11 DALLAS a.m. 27, non Wednesday January 27, IRVINE FUNERAL HOME, 1988 at Hollywood Florida, Sewicklev, PA er Florence Jaffe; beloved wife of mother Emanuel of Jatte; Fern beloved KLAAS Joy Petersburg friends On 92, January of 27, Milivale, 1988, Vet Harry Ww will meet the RALPH SCHUGAR CHAPEL, Shadyside 5509 father husband of Paul Grace Cooper; Grace Centre Ave. on and the late Harry erty Friday at 2 p.m. and leave also Koza seven grand and two 4 immediately, graveside to services attend 3 Family p.m.

of friends 2-4 7. fred West View Cemetery will receive PFEIFER The gation. Rodef Contributions Shalom to HOME, 512 Grant Congre- at FUNERAL charity of one's choice. vices will be Saturday, Jan- 1988; Milivale, where Ruth JAKUBEK uary 30 at 1:30 p.m. Lilly; Tuesday, Jan.

26, 1988, KOHL ory Genevieve of Brentwood; Jan. 21, Mad- sar Peszko, beloved Eva sister K. of Prosser. Angela and E. eline.

of Swissvale: beloved On The Pittsburgh Press Classified Advertising Information To Place Your Ad, Dial 263-1201 8:00 A.M. to 9 P.M. Daily 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. Sundays and Holidays Counter Want Ad Service 8:30 A.M.

to 5 P.M. Monday through Friday Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays Corrections and Cancellations I Dial 263-1201 Billing Adjustments Dial 263-1141 Monday through Thursday 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Friday 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.

WARNING EMERGENCY CALLS ON PARTY LINES, OBSCENE OR INDECENT LANGUAGE AND ANONYMOUS CALLS The Penal Code of Pennsylvania provides that: (1) Any person who willfully refuses to relinquish immediately a party line when informed that it is needed for an CV call to a fire department, a police department, or for cal aid or ambulance services, is guilty of an offense and subject to a fine or imprisonment or both. The statute defines an "emergency" as a situation in which property or human lite are in jeopardy and the prompt summoning of aid is essential. It is also an offense subject to the same penalties to obtain the use of a party line by taisely stating that it is needed for such an emergency call. (2) It is a misdemeanor for anyone to use the telephone as means of conveying obscene or indecent language or to tele. phone anonymously another person repeatedly for the purpose of annovino, molesting or harassing such person or his family.

THE PITTSBURGH PRESS Box 566, Pittsburgh Pa. 15230 (263-1201) Want ad Headquarters Legal Notices SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PITTSBURGH and OLIVER INTERMEDIATE UNIT NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING AND MEETINGS Notice is hereby given that the Board of Public Education of the School District of Pittsburgh and the Board of Direcfors of the Pittsburgh- Mt. Oliver Intermediate Unit shall conduct the following hearing and meetings, the which shall during be open to public the month of February, 1988, in the Administration Building at 341 S. Bellefield Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213.

Wednesday, February 3, 1988, 3:00 P.M. Legislative Meeting Tuesday, February 1988, 7:30 P.M. Education Committee Monday, February 15, 1988, 7:30 P.M., Public Hearing Wednesday, February Business 17, 1988, 9:30 A.M., and Education Committees Wednesday, February 24, 1988 Community and Government Relations Committee, 2:30 P.M. Meeting, 3:00 P.M. Copies of this Notice have been prominently posted in the Administration Building, 341 S.

Bellefield Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213. RICHARD' C. WALLACE, Secretary as to both NOTICE Notice Is given that the Board of School Directors of the School District of Pittsburgh, Allegheny "School County, (the proposes to adopt, not less than three (3) days nor more than thirty (30) days as calculated from the date of the advertisem*nt of this Notice, a resolution, the caption and summary. of such proposed resolution (the being as follows: A RESOLUTION Of the Board of School Directors of this school trict authorizing, and direct.

Ing. Issuance of general obligation note of this school district, to be dated as of the date of delivery thereof, in the maximum principal amount of four million two hundred forty five thousand dollars pursuant to the act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, known as the local government unit dept act, as reenacted, amended and supplemented, to provide funds for and toward certain capital projects which consist of acquisition and construction of certain alterations, Improvements, addltions, and extraordinary maintenance school and repair of public buildings and facilities of this school district and paying costs, fees and expenses with to the foregoing, purposes and to the financing; determining to combine such capital projects for purposes of financing in accordance with provisions of such act; setting forth the finding that It Is In the best financial Interests of this school tricts to sell such note at sale by negotiation; determining that shall the be debt to be Incurred lector al debt of this school district; setting forth a brief description estimate of and a reason- useful able of the life of such, projects; accepting a certain bid or of propos: al for purchase note, at such private sale, and awarding such note and setting forth related provisions; providing that such note, when issued, shall be a general obligation of this school district; setting forth that the principal of such note shall be pavable in of Joseph; sister of of West Sat. 2630 also survived by one and three nephews. Service Fri. 3 p.m.

gheny Visitation 12 Fri. Noon-3 3-9 p.m. p.m. and at mont THOMAS 7441 Washing- charity L. NIED FUNERAL Swissvale.

KRONZ A. Sabol, on Olglerd 27, Fred 1988; beloved moth- Carol wife of the of Fred Ralph L. of AI Louls H. and Joseph C. and 16 grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren; sister re- of J.

HOME, Sabol. Friends 7-9 p.m. 1-9 Ish Friday at ANTHONY 8:30. p.m. STAAB FUNERAL HOME, Mass of Christian BurlChartiers W.E., In St.

Martin Church on Saturday, 10am. On LANGE 1988 Suddenly, Gladys on Schwartz, of Jan. 27, Valencia, formerly of Shaler Philip Betty wife of the late Lange; J. mother of Woodside; the dren Robert McMaster, Linda Vecchio 2-4 grandmother of Beth R. Jeffrey Woodside; at of Pauline Echlepp; great -grandchildren.

den Friends received at the Mc- and DONALD-AEBERLI HOME, Mars, and 7 until time of Fu- On Service at 8:30 p.m. 1988, LAWSON Mt. January 27, 1988 Oswald (Ozzie) Lawson M. Versallles; husband of Also Dolores (Kobielus) Lawson; of Craig, son of Is- and Lawson Stevens; brothof Marion Kach James Lawson. Friends may call 2- Ave.

7-9pm FRIDAY ONLY a.m. PATRICK T. LANIGAN FU- St. NERAL HOME, 700 Linden a.m. E.

Poh. Service, Saturat 12 noon. LEAP Mildred R. of Castle Shan- On on Wednesday, January 1988, wife of the George Leap. Beloved Mothof Kathleen Getty.

Sister Marie Kramer and Ralph Grandmother of Yauch. Friends welcome BEINHAUER MOR- will Golden TUARY, Rule, Member 2630 West Lib- in of the Ave. FRIDAY ONLY, 2- and 7-9. Mass of Christian Sat. Burlal, Church, at 10 a.m.

the Saturday In St. WiniLILLY on Jan. 27, beloved wife of James On mother of Ruth Marie Novak, James M. and Greg- Ci- wife E. Lilly, Patricia M.

er and Elizabeth A. nis Greenewald; sister of June Genevieve Brown, Marion Augustine, Elmer, Regis and Edward Kennedy; survived by 10 grandchildren. Friends received Thurs. 7-9 7-9, L. J.

SZAFRANSKI, NERAL HOME, 101 3rd Carnegie. Solemn High Requiem Mass In All Saints P.N.C. Church on Sat. at 10 Contributions may be made to All Saints Church the Heart Fund. LOTTY I Jan.

28, 1988, Vincent LIl, Sheraden; brother of Elizabeth Agostini, of the Dora Morelli, of MI and Josephine Sylvester, of AZ, formerly of Coraopolis; also seven nieces and nephews, grandnieces and nephgreat-grand- nieces and nephews. Friends recelved In the fion THONY J. SANVITO, FUNERAL HOME 1650 Broadway, Stowe until 9:30 a.m. Mass Christian Burial Mother of Sorrows Church 10 a.m. Mation 1-9 p.m.

St. McCRUM Karl Jan. 28, 1988 of Turtle Creek; beloved husband of Kafhryn McGhee; father of Phyllis Carr, Dane, of Jay, Yvonne, David, Karl, J. Brian and Debble McCrum; also three special friend of Mr. Mrs.

Robert Ringeisen. Friends received at JOBE FUNERAL 7.9 HOME, Cor. Shaw Triboro Turtle Creek where Service will be held on Sat. 2pm. Visitation 2-4 7-9pm.

McRICKARD Monroeville, on Jan. 28, 1988, George, beloved husband of Ollve; father of Maureen Schnelker, Bradford McRickard; sevgrandchildren and seven great-grandchildren; Edmund McRickard. of Friends received at GENE CORL, INC. OF MONROEVILLE, 4335 Northern Pike, (one' block east Call- of at Mosside 48). hours 7-9 Sat.

and Sun. Mass of Christian Burial St. Barbara Church on Monday 10:30 a.m. CORL DIRECTORS, 372-2100 MERTENS Anne Friday, beloved niece Jan. 22, 1988, Mrs.

George S. (Claire) Hards; cousin Nancy Hards Ashcom of Bethel of Park, Nancy Claire Brink of Canton, OH and Deborah Schellhaas of Galthers- en burg, BEINHAUER Friends MORTUARY. welcome 800 Legal Notices OF PITTSBURGH Allegheny County, Pennsylvania RICHARD C. WALLACE, Secretary of the Board of School Directors 821 Bids Proposals PENNSYLVANIA Department of Transportation, risburg, Pa. Sealed proposals from prequalified bidders will be received at the Office of the Secretary of Transportation, 12th Floor, Transportation and Safety Building, Harrisburg, until 11:00 A.M., prevailing local time, February 18, 1988 when proposals will be publicly opened and read for: The Milling and surfacing with bituminous wearing course, ID-2, depth, (RPS), SRL-E (heavy duty), on bituminous binder course, ID-2, (RPS), depth (heavy.

duty), on bituminous wearing course, FJ. scratch course, SRL-H, drainage and pavement markings with paint, including base repair with bituminous concrete base course, 10" depth, all within an overall length of 9,777 linear feet. Allegheny County, City of Pittsburgh, State Route 0060 Section 55M. Construction drawings and proposals are a available for review at Four Parkway Center, 875 Greentree Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15220, and must be pur: chased at the PennDOT Sales Store, P.O.

Box 2730, Harrisburg, Pa. 17105. HOWARD YERUSALIM, P.E., Secretary of Transportation PENNSYLVANIA Department of Transportation, Harrisburo, Pa. Sealed proposals from prequalified bidders will be received at the Office of the Secretary of Transportation, 12th Floor, Transportation and Safety Building, Harrisburo, until 11:06 A.M., prevailing local time, February 18, 1988 when proposals will be publicly opened and read for: The reconstruction and overlaying of an existing bituminous overlaid reinforced cement concrete roadway by milling the existing surface; patching the reinforced cement concrete roadway using concrete pavement patching, Type pavement H.E.S. concrete patching, special, Type A paching loints, new pavement joints, joint' cleaning and sealing, and Joint rehabilitation, Type and overlaying with bituminous binder course, ID-2, (RPS), depth, bituminous ina course, (RPS), depth, SRL-H and SRL-E, drain- including guide rail and age, all within an overall' length of 17,538.19 linear feet.

Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh and the municipality Route of 400 Penn Section Hills, State for review at Four Parkway and 70M. proposals Construction are drawings available Center, 875 Greentree Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15220, and must be purchased at the PennDOT Sales Store, P.O. Box 2730, Harrisburg, Pa. 17105.

HOWARD YERUSALIM, P.E., Secretary of Transportation GATEWAY SCHOOL DISTRICT MONROEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA 15146 Board of School Directors of the Gateway Monroeville, Pennsylvania 15146 is re: questing sealed bids until 11:00 a.m., ebrexaling, time, 1988, at the Administrative Offfices, Gateway Upper Elemenfary, Mosside Boulevard, Monroeville, Pennsylvania 15146 In the area of: Computer Equipment Bid forms, conditions, and specifications may be obtained at the District's Business Office, Administrative Offices, Mosside Boulevard, Monroeville, Member of the Liberty Golden Ave. Rule, on en West from 1-2 p.m. Private AlleGraveside Services In Family suggests memorials to DorPresbyterian Aves. Church, Potomac Espy or of choice. MILESKO 1988, on January 27, beloved husband Jean "klaucs; father Sweeney; brother Koslow of Milesko, Wanda the late Ceasar Milesko.

Friends received FUNERAL WALTER 3201 Dobson St, PolZALEWSKI Funeral on 7-9, Saturday at Thurs. Fri. 12-9 Funeral Mass In the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church at 9:30 a.m. MILLER William (Curt) Jan. Miller 27, of (Walser) Miller; father of husband of Kickle Goslk and Curt Miller; brother of Marlin and Otis Miller; also five grandchiland five great-grandchildren.

Friends may ONLY call of 7-9pm FRIDAY PATRICK LANIGAN FUNERAL HOME, 700 E. Poh. Private. Service Interment MITCHELL Charles J. Mitchell of Wednesday, January, 27, Washington.

Beloved husband of Anna Byrne Mitchell. Father of Charles and Patricia Ann Stein. two brothers and one sister. 7-9 Friends pm at recelved 2-4 J. BARRY JR.

FUNERAL HOME, 608. Warrington Funeral Saturday at 9 with funeral mass in George at 10 Family requests contributions be made to The Leukemia Society. MURPHY Wed. Jan. 27, 1988 George P.

Murphy; beloved husband Johnston of Murphy; Margaret uncle of Mrs. Henry Bitar of New Kensington, PA, Mrs. Robert Stokes of Brookline, John Murphy of Crafton. (There be no public visitations) Funeral Service will be held the Temple of Memories Chapel In Alleg. Cemetery, at 2pm.

Memorial contributions may be made to Leukemia Society or a charity of your choice. NESPOLI (ROCCO) Thursday, Jan. 28, 1988; Pauline Marle of Rankin; of Samuel C. moth. of Paula Taylor Denboth of Swissvale, Sandra Onder of Rankin C.

Jr. of E. McKeesport; also four grandchildren; sister of Mary DIGullio of Rankin, Virginia Rocco Swissvale, Sue Kapsal of South Side and Carmen N. Braddock. Friends received 2-4 7-9 p.m.

Friday, at THOMAS L. NIED FUNERAL HOME, Swissvale. 7441 Mass Washington of Christian Burial Sat. 11 a.m. at Madonna del Castello Church.

PAGANUCCI on Jan. 27, 1988, (formerly of N.S.); wife of late Ralph C. Paganucci; beloved mother of LaVerne DeFalle, Joan Regatuso and Arlene Malley; sister of Ruth Stockey and Harry Knoblach; also survived by eight grandchildren and ten -grandchildren. Visitawith family 2-4 7-9 the STEPHEN M. BRADY FUNERAL HOME, 920 Cedar Ave.

at Tripoli (across from All. Gen. Funeral Mass of Christian Burial on Sat. at 10 a.m. in Peter's Church.

PAVLOSKY John L. on Jan. 28, 1988, beloved husband of Julia Nanek Pavlosky; father John D. Pavlosky, Donna Zerweck; brother of Mary Drikowski, Anne Jusczak; also survived by five grandchildren. Friends received Fri.

7-9, Sat. Sun. 2-4 at L. J. SZAFRANSKI FUNERAL HOME, 101 3rd.

Carnegie. Mass of P.N.C. Church Mon. 10 Christian Burial In All Saints RALSTON On Jan. 28, 1988, Lols beloved wife of Howard mother of Anne Raiston and Howard L.

Ralston grandmother of Kimberly' Santana and Lisa Raiston; great-grandmother Justin and John Santana; sister of Evangeline G. Smith, Horace Giffen and Revere Giffen. Friends recelved Fri. 2-4 7-9 p.m. MORASCO-KNEE-SOXMAN, 9406 Frankstown 'Penn Hills and Sat.

at Hebron UP Church, Penn Hills from 10 until Services at 11 a.m. Memorials may be made to Hebron UP Church. REICHLE On Jan. 27, 1988, Howard beloved husband Bessie 'Grabbe Reichle of Avalon; father of Mrs. Thomas P.

(Shirley O'Briof Avalon; grandfather of Cheryl Ann Schanz of Ohio Twp. and Thomas P. 0'Brl- Jr. of Avalon; great. Misty grandfather Ann Schanz.

Friends of invited Thurs. 7-9 ORION C. Fri. PIN- 2-4 7-9 In the KERTON 1014 California FUNERAL HOME, Avalon (North Boros), THE SeGOLDEN RULE, where fulected Member of neral service will be held Sat. morning at 10:30 REINWALD On Wednesday, January 27, 1988, Martha wife of of Theodore Avalon, beloved Reinwald.

Also survived by two Friends neices recelved one Friday 2-4 and nephew. and 7-9 p.m. at FUNERAL the McDON- HOME, where services will be AVALON, 529 California Saturday at 1 p.m. RUDGE Paulyne Iva, age 92 for- of merly, of Poh. on Wed.

Jan. Pompano Beach, FL, 1988; member of Pom- First pano, Presbyterian Order of EastChurch, ern Star Chapter (Dormont, "Gold PA), Coasterettes Club; Pgh. Womens Shrine Imperial Point Gold Womens Coast Club; Club and wife of Penna. Albert J. Rudge; sis: ter of Mrs.

June Bernard of Glendale, CA and Mrs. WIl- of Ilam CA. (Carolyn) Funeral Ludlow Service 2 Monday at Church, the First pano Beach, Dr. Dwayne L. Presbyterian PomBlack oificiating, followed by Entombment.

by KRAEER FUNERAL HOME, Pompano Beach, FL SCANLON Cyril Joseph, on Thurs. Jan. 28, Emsworth, 1988, husband of formerly la Williams; father Dennis Scanion Linda Pischke; brother of Leo, Larry, man, Ray Cotle, Tommy Dorothy ScanIon, Esterbrook, Betty, Stetar Marie the late Frank, Plus Regis Scanion. Private In Fla. services will be held SCHOCKLING On Tuesday, Jan.

26, 1988, Leonard Vet formerly, of Fulda, OH; (Army his Eng. career Included Sales Maint. European front); for the Budget Laundry for 20 Ownership of and mostly Real Estate Wholesale Distributorship Sales In the Swissvale area until his retirement; for 25 years was an Usher at St. Anselm Parish; Past member of the Churchill Rotary and Past Pres. of Churchill Chapter 1411 AARP: father beloved husband Leonard of Susan; Mary Elaine Durkac, Linda Sue Romansic; grandfather of Friends Amy Marle Beth Ann.

recelved 2-4 7.9 p.m. Thurs. Frl. at THOMAS L. NIED FUNERAL HOME, 7441 Washington Swissvale.

Mass of Christian Burial Saturday 10 a.m., St. Anselm Church. Memorial to contributions American may Cancer be Society. SNYDER On Tuesday January 26, 1988, William C. (Flash) Sny: der Jr.

of Brookline, beloved husband of Dorothy Sheehan Snyder; father of Donna L. Doerr, Patricia Greene Boca 'Raton Sandra J. Davison and Judith D. Wagner; also eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren; brother of Marie North, Henry Snyder, Weber. and the late Thelma Friends received 2-4 7-9 p.m.

at JAMES J. BARRY JR. FUNERAL HOME, 608 Warrington Ave. Services Saturday 11 a.m. SPEER On Wednesday January 27, 1988, Jerome (Jerry) B.

Speer of Oakland, beloved husband of Loretta Newport Speer; father of Martin Alberta L. Thomas R. Speer; also survived by four grandchildren three stepgrandchildren. Friends will be recelved at JOHN A. FREYVOGEL SONS, 4900 Centre at Devonshire St.

Thursday Friday 2-4 7-9 pm. Funeral Saturday, Mass of Christian Burlal, Paul Cathedral, 10 am. SUNDAY Nicholas Jr. (Bo), January 27, 1988 of Wilkins Twp. formerly of Chalfant Boro; husband father of of Ethel Sandra Peppler; and Terry Sunday; brother of Esther Levoff, Elva Dougherty, Romaine Nagel, Adeline Johnson, Jeanne Morse, Beatrice Melsel, Matilda Walton and Albert Sunday.

NO VIEWING. Visitation with family and friends Sat. urday only 10 to 11 a.m. JOBE FUNERAL HOME, Cor. Shaw Triboro Turtle Creek, where Memorial Service will be Sat.

11 a.m. Memorial contributions may be made American Cancer Society. THOMAS On Wednesday, January 1988, Nevada' wife Philip A. Thomas; mother Patricia A. Thomas; sister of Georgia Mohr and Margaret V.

Schmidt. NO VISITATION. Service and Interment private. Arrangements by H. SAMSON INC.

821 Bids Proposals 821 Bids Proposals Pennsylvania 15146. Official notice is hereby given that the bid opening at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, February. 9, 1988, is a public meeting. The Board reserves the right to accept or relect any all MARIE bids.

ANNA ZIEGLAR, Secretary Gateway School District THREE RIVERS STADIUM The Stadium Authority of the City of Pittsburgh receive separate sealed bids at the Executive Office of the Stadium Authority, 400 Stadium Circle, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15212 from January 27, 1988 until February 12, 1988, between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. for the following; BID PACKAGE Universal Turnstiles for Three Rivers Stadium. bid specifications will be avail- THOMAS On Jan.

26, 1988, Grace beloved sister of Marjorie B. Thomas and Dorothea Johnston, of Pasadena, CA; nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. Visitation Sun. Only 2-4 and 7-9 GEORGE WARDEN FUNERAL HOME, 1100 N. Homewood Ave.

Mon. 11 a.m. In Christian Tabernacle Church, 2601 Centre Poh. TREESE Gertrude E. Ross, on Jan.

27, 1988 of Sharpsburg, wife of the late Treese; beloved mother of Ellen Gerber; sister of Agnes Foley and Rita Mackey and the late Frank, Ross; grandmother of Doran and Janet Jesuliatis: also four dren. Friends may call the NEVIL E. FRANK FUNERAL HOME, 1314 Middle Sharpsburg (parking on premises), Burial In Mass of Christian on Sat. St. Mary Church at 11.

a.m. TRIMBUR On January 27, 1988, Annabelle Rose; beloved wife of Albert mother of Albert, Melvin, Ronald, Donna Ballard, Mark Thomas; also nine of grandchildren; daughter Rose; ter of Dorothy Blough, Melvin, Perry Dayton, Rose, Dwayne, Jerry and Mary Toner and Linda Ester. meyer. Friends recelved. THOMAS J.

GMITER NERAL HOME, 2323 E. Car. son where Services will be Sat. at 10 a.m. Visitation Thurs.

Fri. 2-4 7-9 p.m. VEREB Jan. 28, 1988; beloved husGeorge of Munhall, band of Elizabeth (Toth); fa. ther of Christine Marshall and Frances Trew; also two grandchildren, Amanda and Melissa Trew.

Friends recelved GLENN FUNERAL HOME, 3501 Main Munhall, Sat. Sun. 2-4 7-9pm. Funeral Mass time later. WHITAKER Of Dormont, on Wed, Jan.

1988, Hubert E. Whi. husband of the late Virginia Long Whitaker; uncle of Donna Calvin, Nancy Hills Marietta Fozo. Friends call at LAUGHLIN'S, 222 Washington Rd, Mt. Lebanon, FRIDAY 2-4 7-9.

Service from Funeral Home Chapel Sat. morning 10:30. Interment Mt. Lebanon Cemetery WORKMAN Suddenly on Wed Jan 27th, the 1988, late Forest Freda Gil; husband father of Patricia Workman; grandfather of Freda Workman. Friends received T.

2-4 9pm at the REX SMITH FUNERAL HOME, 2860 Perrysville Ave at Marshall. Service Sat. at WOZNIAK On Wednesday, Jan. 27, 1988, Sylvester 'W. of the S.S.; beloved husband of Helen Stupak; dear father of Arlene Latona and the late Jim Wozniak; also survived by four grandchildren and one great -grandchild.

Friends received 2-4 7.9 pm Thursday and Friday at the JOHN GMITER FUNERAL HOME, 119 S. 15th St. Funeral Sat. at 10. a.m.

Mass of Christian Burial In St. Adalbert Church 11 a.m. also at a.m. or On five ews I Sat. Of S.

en of H. ing at On N. 800 Legal Notices certain installments; fixing the substantial form, denomination, number, dafe, maturity date, Installment payment dafes, Interest rate or rates applicable to such principal Installments; Interest payment dates, registra. tion provisions, 'place of payment of principal and interest and redemption provisions of such note: authorizing execution of such note; providing covenants related to debt vice applicable to such note as required by such act and pledging the full faith, credit and taxing power of this school district In support thereof; creating a sinking fund in connection with such note as required by such act; appointing a paying agent and sinking fund for such note; providing a covenant to insure prompt and full payment of all obligations of such note when due; authorizing, and directing specified officers of prepare, this school to certify district: and (A) to file the debt statement required by Section 410 of such act; (B) to prepare and to file statements required by Article Il of such act that are necessary to quality all or any portion of nonelectoral lease rental debt of this school district for exclusion from the propriate debt limit as subsidized debt; and (C) to do, to take and to perform certain specified, required, necessary or appropriate acts and things; sefting forth that such note has been sold at such private sale; declaring the debt to be Incurred, together of with this other school Indebted- district, not to be in excess of any applicable act limitation the 1m- posed by such upon Incurring of debt by this school district; setting forth certain covenants relating to the non-arbitrage status of such note; setting forth cer- to tain covenants relating the continuing tax-exempt status of Interest on such note under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended; designating such note as a qualified tax-exempt obligation for purposes of Section 265 of the internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended; providing when this resolution shall become effective; providing for serability provisions; and repealing all resolutions the or Insofar as same shall be Inconsistent herewith. The full text of such proposed Resolution may be examined or Inspected by any citizen, in the office the Secretary of the Board of School Directors of the School District, at Its ministration Bullding located at 341 Bellfield Avenue, Room 340, Pittsburgh, sylvania, on any regular business day between hours of 8:00 A.M., and 5:00 P.M., prevailing time.

Attention Is directed to the fact that the Resolution, In the form available for inspection, as contains permitted certain blanks, by the Pennsylvania Local ment Unit Debt Act (the Such blanks will be completed, by amendment of the Resolution prior to final consideration, with Information to be determined from the proposal presented for purchase of the Note, when received and accepted at private sale by negotiation. Additional amendments may be made with respect to the Resolution during Its final passage. Advertisem*nt related to the final passage of the Resolution, form, Including amendments, as aforesaid, will be made in accordance with requirements of the Act. This. Notice Is given in accordance with requirements of and In compliance with Section 103 of the Act.

SCHOOL DISTRICT 004 In Memoriam IN LOVING MEMORY OF JOSEPH A. GEORGE JR. who passed away Jan. 29, 1986. Sadly missed by four children, Mary Ellen, Joseph Ill, Daniel, Margaret eight grandchildren.

IN LOVING MEMORY OF JIMMY OHRMAN ON HIS BIRTHDAY We all love miss you ev. ery day of the year, but on special extra days hard like to this bear. one, We'll have no cake or ice cream, no candles, toys or fun, but will whisper Happy evBirthday from each and eryone. Sadly missed on your birthday. Love, Mommy, Daddy Mary Pap.

and Grandmaw, Gram Uncle I.Z. JOHN T. DIPERNA Born January 29, 1921 On your birthday and everyday, love and light miss of you, daddy. The your love still shines so bright, when I remember how you were always there for me. My tears still flow, but my sorrow is lightened because your suffering 15 over and my heart is joyous knowing you are in the company of Jesus, our Blessed Savior.

Your loving daughter, Diane. 007 JEFF MEM PK-2 lots, bronze memorial base Incl. 751-8261 MT ROYAL- -Temple of all Faiths, crypts, prime, vallue $6600, best offer 621-1915 able at the Executive fices of the Stadium Authority of the City Pittsburgh, 400 Stadium cle, Piftsburgh, Pa. 15212 between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

January 27, 1988, through February 10, 1988. No bids shall accepted later than 4:00 p.m., February 12, 1988. Sealed bids will opened in the Executive fice of the Stadium Authority of 10:00 the City of Pittsburgh Feba.m., Monday, ruary 15, 1988. THE BOARD OF PUBLIC EDUCATION OF THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PITTSBURGH Sealed bids will be ceived in the Business Office, Room 340 Adminis. tration Building, 341 South Beliefield Avenue until 11:00 821 Bids Proposals a.m., prevailing time, day, February 2, 1988 and will be opened the same hour for the purchase of the following equipment and supplies: Computer Custodial Food Service Furniture Maintenance Printing Schoolroom and Office Vocational Technical Specifications, Bidding Blanks and General Information may be obtained at the Office of the Purchasing Agent, Room 303 Administration Building.

The Board of Public Education reserves the right to reject any or all bids. We are an equal rights DANIEL R. McCONACHIE, Purchasing Agent and opportunity school district. Everything we touch turns to SOLD The 2 lines, in 7 the days in The Post-Gazette. Press, 6 days For items valued up to $150.

No commercial, real estate or helpAD Ads can be cancelled but no refund will be given. P- -G Classified Call 263-1201.

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