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The Zanesville Signali

Zanesville, Ohio

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PAGE 8 THE ZANESVILLE SIGNAL RIDAY MAY 17 1957 Railroad Man Some Spaces alls Off Car Now Showing AT ZANESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL (Blue Ave) in SWazawMBOI non STONE DESTINATION OJUS STEVENS HIX TOK OR HIRE! AN WELCOME SHRINERS ANTHONY TODAY and SATURDAY sain vou HANco*ck JR HIGH (LASH BLDG) Wed May 22 SHINNICK ITH Sf TUmoN qg no AVA GARDNER STEWART GRANGER NO 3 COURSE ENDORSED BY Cartoon "Baffling Sports "Radio 3 BIG EATURES TONITE SAT Dolores GRAY Chuck connors Now Showing wniz Jc 3RD EATURE 18 18 Im 1 ton htrich KHU ttnrt UWU LLER RlVZlitJtATD IcinemaScopE CinemaScoPE ABC are for $5 17 Special Noon Learn to RECALL facts appoint menfs buiineti details ideas tele phone numbers price lists addresses ia ita is IQ CLEVELAND Indians vs Wash ington tomorrow See the game on Channel 18 at 12:55 pm VICTOR MATURE GUY MAOIBON ROBERT PRESTON CLASS NOW ORMING OR THE TWO NIGHT BLOMBERG MEMORY COURSE Committee Approves Bill or Ohio Take Over Dams THE top three year olds including Bold Ruler Gen eral Duke and Iron Liege go to the post for the 81st running of the famed PREAKNESS tomor row See all the exciting action on Channel 18 at 4:30 Duel on the Mississippi iwiur will be in charge of refresh ments The Brotherhood is an or ganization of the men of the four churches of the Asbury charge All men of the communities served by these four churches are invited to attend THE L0NIS Asbury Charge Men to Meet Las Palmas with a population of more than 160000 is the larg est city in the Canary Islands able to GIVE A SALES TALK or SPEECH WITHOUT NOTES GAIN SEL CONIDENCE! CONQUER EAR! INCREASE YOUR EICIEN CY Remember what you road Stories Shopping Lists Recipes Club Tells Etc Learn to Concentrate! May meeting of the Asbury Brotherhood will be held Monday evening at the Gratiot Methodist church The meeting will begin at 7:45 with the business session under the direction of President Owen Shuey The speaker will be Dale Mc Callister member of irst Bap tist church in Zanesville The men of the Gratiot church Headline News Sports Eye 10:15 isher 10 Top Plays ot '51 11:00 Sohio Reporter 12:00 Spotlight Giar Rory NY THE minute 1 ate world and local news will be heard bn the IVE STAR INAL tonight at 10:15 ATTEND CLINIC Sanitarians of the city depart ment of health went to Athens riday to attend a clinic on the operation of swimming pools OR URTHER DETAILS TELEPHONE: TICKETS ON SALE AT ZANESVILLE PUBLISHING COMPANY LOBBY OICE COLOR BY TECHNICOLOR NEWSPAPERS! The Times Star Cincinnati Ohio The News Indianapolis The Houston Post Columbus Dispatch Norfolk Newspapers' Norfolk Va The Cleveland News The Milwaukee Sentinel San rancisco News The Detroit Times THE BLOMBERG MEMORY COURSE GL 29901 EXT 622 OR GL 2 4561 Sigmund Blomberg "'THE MAN WHO WONT tn YOU ORGET" BASEBALL tomorrow on WHIZ Radio The Cincinnati Red legs vs New York Game time 1:30 pm NOW! NOW! AT RURAL SCHOOL Miss Lois who conducts the "Romper television 1 pro gram will make appearances at the Carnival Capers program at the Pleasant Grove school Satur day May 25 The affair sponsor ed by the PTA will be conduct ed throughout the day 61 Put on an DOWN 1 Communists 2 Russian city 3 Likewise 4 Warehouse 5 Near and 6 Speaker 7 At this 8 Choose 9 Art works 10 Opposed 11 Round plate 16 Poem 20 Refuge 22 Italian poet 24 Excitements 25 duck ORREST TUCKER MARA CORDAY ittusttn ACROSS 1 A ahead 5 and aft expense 1 account 12 Stanley Gardner 13 Russian sea4 Blackbird of puckoo family 15 A character 17 Possessive pronoun 18 Boat 19 Art principles 21 uss 23 Tit '24 High mountain 27 Golf scores 29 Girl's name 32 Caribbean gulf 34Park 36 Spanish 37 Put the on 38 Blind as a falcon 39 as you and I 41 Pigpen 42 Chart 44 God of love 48 feligh 49 Drawing room 53 Eight (prefix) 54 Alleviate 56 fly! 57 Share 58 Stir 59 Sea bird Tt Happened I Todav NBC News 7 :05 Showcase Richard Harkness Showcase News of the World One amily NBC News Monitor News Cav ot Sports News Percy aith sar inal Monitor 11 News Music In The Night afflUUB scannsHontisa be able Io remember NAMES end ACES of friendi prospects customers clients portents Win Moro riends! Bo Moro Popular! Meke More In East Pakistan a strong young male elephant is worth from $800 to $1400 ot ticnwa oayoi Radio THE SANCTUARY a fifteen minute devotional period can be heard on WHIZ Monday through riday at 2:30 pm able for maintenance and opera tion as a project for water sup ply recreation or other congress approved purposes Earlier this week the bill spon sors along with other govern ment and civic leaders from Muskingum valley communities met in Washington with repre sentatives of the Corps of Engineers to discuss possibilities of the state of Ohio taking over the dams The engineers agreed to mak ing 'a survey of all the river in stallations and to estimate the costs of needed repairs which is believed to run between $500000 and $1500000 The federal government gave up operation and maintenance of the Jocks and dams several years ago alter declaring the river longer needed for navigation A bill of which Rep Robert Zellar was a co sponsor whieft may bring Ohio into possession of the 11 locks and dams in the Muskingum river stretching from Marietta to Ellis north of here was recommended for pass age Thursday by the Ohio As sembly finance committee The measure approved 18 by the committee authorizes state public works director to ter into an agreement with federal government to accept a quit claim deed for the locks and dams Sponsored by Reps Harold Oy ster (R Washington) and Kenneth Beckwith (R Morgan) along with Zellar the bill also provides that before the state takes them over the government will repair and restore the locks and dams to place them in condition suit 0 the en the Tag Day Planned At Zanesville Members of the Maysville School band which includes Bell Springfield and South Zanesville schools will hold their annual Tag Day Saturday They will can vass die entire Maysville school district and on Monday evening they will be in downtown Zanes I vilie selling the tags i The Band Boosters have two (projects for which this money will 'be used They are planning to I purenase new uniforms and i sponsoring a summer camp fall band members NemaScoPIx 2ND EATURE THE small island of Tangier in the Chesapeake Bay will be visit ed this weekend during a special NBC Radio MONITOR feature starting tonight The island is famed as the locale of the ro mance of Capt John Smith and Pocahontas Today it is a seclud ed self sustaining community 15 miles from land where the 900 in habitants are all of Anglo Saxon heritage and still speak with an Elizabethan tongue will interview towns people its only doctor the many fishermen and officials as they relate incidents that make this one of the mo unique i i in the United States weekend fish ing reports include the opening of the pike season on the Mississip pi River and the Sixth Annual Kids Trout ishing Derby in Sag i a Michigan guest list includes songstress Julie London Jayne Meadows and pianists Bobby Scott and Irezv Otto Music will be pre sented from New Hotel Statler and the Hickory House Listen to tonight at 8:05 and MO: 30 ive Star Matinee 3:3 House I Pepper amily NBC News Woman in Mv House 4:2) Gentry Supper Party 5 00 New Su peer Partv i News Supper Party NBC News Sports Review Local News World News Place 6 Melody Showcase A cfpry filmed agamiL a VaeJe ground ot IUKWIL3M KVVPLI I Small Estate Left By Speakeasy Queen NEW YORK Belle Living stone actress and speakeasy queen during the Roaring 20s who died last eb 7 at the age of 92 left an estate valued at less than $1000 Her will filed for probate ves terday listed her both as Belle Livingstone and Belle Hutchins She had been married four times Her will set up a trust fund for her grandson Mohler whose address was given as in care of Edward Mohler of ort Lauderdale la The balance of her estate went to good Woodrow Bowne of Red Bank MIDDLEWEIGHTS 'Joe Giar dello and Rory Calhoun meet in a 10 round feature bout at Cleve land arena on the GIL LETTE CAVALCADE SPORTS at 9 Don Dun phy and Win Elliot describe the action 43 Parent 45 Droop 46 Price 47 Pain 48 Small devils 50 Tibetan monk 51 Of the ear 52 in line 55 Musical syllable Per person for Hie com plete 2 night course for students through years of age 4 28 One going ahead 28 and saner 30 Song for two 31 Light 33 Inference 35 Wine addiction 40 Pardonable Television A STRAY hound named almost causes the evic tion of the Rileys and Gil Uses on LIE RI LEY SHOW to be seen on Chan nel 18 at 7:30 Kindhearted Riley provides shelter late one evening for a stray dog which Junior recognizes next morning as be longing to Mr Dobson who lives down the street Riley 'and Gil lis anticipate a large reward for the animaEs return but the own er refused to pay anything be cause he was planning to take the dog to the City pound ZANESVILLE'S MOST COMORTABLE DRIVE IN THEATRE TONIGHT SATURDAY BIG PICTURES IRMS! Shaw's Jewelry Stores Sears Roebuck Co 1 Carolina Power Light Co Champion Paper ibre Co Kroger Grocery Co Equitable Life Assurance Society lorida National Bank Hecht Bros Dept Store Come and discover how EASY and with what UN it is to IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY! See an ADULT STUDENT 1 meet and later RECALL 59 to 190 utter strangers BY THEIRCORRECT NAMES! See LOCAL teenage students with brief training recite BACKWARD and ORWARD the US Presidents MARVEL when Mr Blomberg gives you the correct population of OHIO 1950 tells you THE CORRECT DAY THE WEEK for any dates vou call SEE HIM MEMORIZE A COMPLETELY SHULED DECK PLAYING RECALL THE CONTENTS THE ZANESVILLE SIGNAL Etc ITS AN EVENING THAT MIGHT EASILY CHANGE THE COURSE YOUR WHOLE LIE! ENTERTAINING! INSTRUCTIVE! AS IM PORTANT TO WOMEN AS TO MEN MISS IT! and Many Others HUNDREDS of IRMS have sent their employu to this course WHY NOT ORGANIZE YOUR GROUP NOW? SHOWS START AT DUSK ALSO WHAT THE BLOMBERG MEMORY COURSE WILL DO OR YOU COLOR UAAU TECHNICOLOR MUUM THEVASTji RONTIER! 'Mar PkSK sjowpwiwjr UDSWH It is reported that Mount Ever est rose 198 feet as a result of the 1 1960 earthquake OM THE Monday May 20 8 pm Sponsored by The Zanesville Publishing Co ieck sustained Thursday in an au tomobile accident on Linden ave nue Miss Pfeifer named a beauty queen for the world premiere of the motion picture "Battle Hymn" which was first present ed in Marietta was injured when her auto struck two houses at the approach to West Monroe street Answer to Previous Puzzle Breakfar Partv Bctlv Newton Here' 10 NBC Newt 'i rank Bailey 67 of 712 Lin 1 den avenue is being treated in Bethesda hospital for a fractured pelvis 'sustained Thursday after noon when he fell from a box car in the yards where he is a foreman He was taken to the hospital in a Bolin Bryan ambu lance Other injuries treated at Be thesda Thursday included Mrs Clara Hanlon of 1196 Main street left hand lacerated with meat slicer while at work Ron ald Roach 5l4 of 409 Bailey street fell upon can in yard of 'home lacerating hand1 Debra (Morris: 2 daughter of Mr and Mrs Alfred Morris fell off bed at home and landed on cup lace rating right upper arm Mrs Clara Mitchell 76 of 917 Sharon avenue collapsed on walk in front of Kbme and was taken to hospital in the Bolin Bryan ambu lance She was treated and later dismissed RUDY HANSEN Skeeter Bonn Cousin Roy The Jimmie John Park Larks Winnie Mac Shows 1 PM to 10 SUN MAY 19 Hillbilly Park 17 Mi rom Zanesville Adm 50c RL 16 Kids 25c NOTE THESE LOW RATES OR SALES GROUPS AND OTHER PERSONNEL 1 through 5 person $10 per person 11 through 15 persons $8 per person 6 through 10 persons $9 per person 16 or more persons $7 per person Why not organize your group now? Telephone your reservations AT ONCE in order to secure seats GL 2 990I Ext 622 illARANTI Attending both lesiiom of the Blomberg Memory Course I have VUHllMIl I LU failed to improve your memory your tuition fee will be cheerfully refunded AT MAYSVILLE TAVER1V RESTAIRA1VT Maysville Pike Route 22 Opp Greenhouse Steaks Chops Chickcn Sea ood Truth nr Consequences JO RfKrNEC Bandstand NBC News Bandstand 11 ejimniy cdler Cross Currents 12 00 News 12: News NBC News arm Show I Denny Taylor Town Crier NBC News 1 Mat nep Martin NBC New'S True Confession Th Sanctuary Lawrence Welk 300 NBC News NOW! IT'S EASY AS "ABC" TO STOP ORGETTING HAMES ACES ACTS IGURES And Make Your Memory Pay A Profit! Saturday Evening 8:30 pm on Stage inal BIG TALENT SHOW the Vintage OnumaScOPE IEX BARKER PATRICIA MEDINA BLONDE bombshell Betty Hutton will head Dinah guest list on the NBC TV CHEVY SHOW tonight at 8 o'clock Bouncy Betty previously starred on her own "Chevy and was Bob guest on another occasion during the series last season Comedian Art Carney and actor Boris Karloff are also on guest list The singing and dancing Skylarks group will round out the rest of the cast for the full hour tele cast Carney appeared with Di nah during the past winter when she originated her in New York Karloff the film and stage star will be seen in a kind of role distinctly for him Miss Hutton will perform solo and will team with Dinah in a medley of songs rang ing from the turn of the century to tne present day MIDDLEWEIGHTS Joe dello of Philadelphia and Calhoun of White Plains tangle at Cleveland Arena tonight at 9 a 10 round ficht to be covered by GILLETTE CAVALCADE SPORTS Cal houn is ranked fifth and Giardello seventh among middleweight contenders ENROLL NOW AND AVOID STANDING LN LINE LATER! Tues May 21 STARLET 6 MILE TURN NOW SHOWING GUNSLINGER RIDAY EASTERN STANDARD TIME WHIZ TV Zanesville Channel 18 Injured Beauty Queen In air Condition Miss Barbara Pfeifer 19 daughter of Mr and Mrs Rob ert Pfeifer of 216 Luck avenue was in fair condition riday at Good Samaritan hospital where she is receiving treatment for injuries to her back and s' sm nn Brkfs Breakfast Partv 8:30 New caknart Partv 7 to NBC News Local News Worid Nel 'Ereaklast Party 7 4 Sotlo PtDirter Local News 800 NBC News 8 Breakfast Party Zanesville 1210 Saturday Matinee Starting at 12:00 One Showing only "Bandit of Sherwood orest" "GANG BUSTERS starring Myron Healy sill iMIAMI EXPOSE iciEinnira sraiwi iQaUt3UHQC31 MM Ei nn iw auauiwLjnaiWEjHati QEaiaMiaiaQQMrMBsa WQQQBSiaQ MML3L3I3U QQOSBEI maaBBia Community Theatre Mattrxe Theatre Queen tor a Day 3:15 Modem Romances WlhlE CARRY OUT 5 SHW1CE jAM STON SM MAtNAascm POLIO SHOTS END With administering of shots at Hanco*ck junior high school ri day morning the program of ad ministering anti polio vaccine in the city schools came to an end for this school term MM NAOMI fill 59 Xpl'THTl'TH 'sTBhhT DUTRO of DUTRO MOTOR SAYS: "In 1948 when you were here the first time nearly 50 of my office and salet personnel including myself took your two night memory and personality course I'VE USED YOUR SYSTEM EVER SINCE and CAN PERSONALLY EN DORSE IT'S MANY ADVANTAGES" Boxoffice Opens at 7:00 1st Show Starts at Dusk THE CRY THAT ROCKED THE HOTTEST ROBERT STARTS SUNDAY Gregory Lauren PECK BACALL jiAric a ANXHUNY BALANCE Perkins nnii i nnniin nnnrrtT iimni ttam ri iiin upru HLYILLl DRMlTU nUDCni hIIUULlIuIt HlnLIl VKTiVMSi Produced by Pat Duggu DmOtd by Hewy twin Wnttn by Harry to and Robert Sub PLUS 2ND BIG HIT "Duel on the Mississippi" Technicolor Lex Patricia Medina All 3 iutf VoKofflcc Open Til Oft THEATRE '1 tow! ca i OT I NT1 I rvi 1 A Jin? 74SBI 3 6 7 4 'W 3 a rZWMMMMM gTr 1 I I 1 I I SSI (N 8 Bebel I ijjM cl BuT HUB AL am tu 3 1 1 AVI NT IP! kJ lTr777 Hl I i BEER 1 1 lJ lH I5 7 I8 2 3 it i5 is er fis 1'9S IP up STU a LI I I I I I 9 Comedy Time Schreiber Views 4 Western Theatre the News Denny Taylor My Hero Cant Gallant 739 The Life of Rllev 6 rankie Laine Chevy Show 64O Sports Cavalcade of Sports I J'' lANDt Wl'HE CARRYOUT SHW1CE iAM STONE'S 518 MAIN AHSITH LLER mn Junction Cl e'm aScoPE: a 4.

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