Top 20 Famous Celebrity Miis to Download for Tomodachi Life (2024)

Breaking news. Shigeru Miyamoto’s recentstartup business has gone bankruptas his exportation of mass-produced man-sized brownies has failed to find a foreign market.When asked for comment, he said, “I just wanted to be called the boss for once.” Also, as a reminder, Vladimir Putin’s report onthe availability of Uncle Sam costumes is still accurate. Get yours soon!

Tired of your friends? Longing for some more engagingcompany for your Tomodachi retreat, or just want to create a terrarium of famous faces? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s a list of some of the more curiouschoices of available Miis complete with QR codes for easy integration.

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

The original Rough Rider and the man who connected the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Also the grizzly fellow for whom the teddy bear was named (though he never liked the nickname!). This exuberant president’s furry legacy makes him perfect for a Mii-filled world. Psst! Give him the bear costume!

Edgar Allan Poe

The other man in black. This gloomy Baltimorean is best known for abusing black cats and rhyming about black birds. His spacious forehead will make any room feel more full. He’d be best dressed in some exciting and bold bright colours.

Winston Churchill

Often considered one of the best wartime leaders of the last century. This old bulldog’stenure as the British Prime Minister was marked by surprising bounties of energy and quips about drinking poisoned coffee.

Walt Disney

The grandfather of Western animation and a great innovator in theme park design. Disney’s name has come to encapsulate a feeling of childlike wonder and spirit. He’ll emerge from freezing just for you, if only you wish it true!

Abraham Lincoln

Honest Abe was surely aspokesman for the lankiest among us. An odd tall spot on the trend of squat, heavy-set, and cleanly shaven political figures. He and his axe would be a fearsome contender for office should civil war break loose on the island, though I suspect such might be rather unlikely giventhe temperament of the typical Mii.


A major proponent of non-violent political protest and unofficial father of a nation. The venerable Gandhi deserves a break from his activism; why not invite him to the island? I doubt he’d put up any resistance.

Dalai Lama

For when life gets you down, there’s Tenzin Gyatso. This Nobel laureate is all smiles and contentment, a bona fide master of mindfulness sure to lighten any gathering. Just, please, don’t feed him meaty dishes.

Sigmund Freud

Sometimes a Mii is just a Mii. The real Freud strove to understand the human mind, arguably spawning modern psychology. As difficult as we may be to grasp, I’m afraid Miis might be a lost cause. He’s free to try, though.


A man who most certainly appreciates the finer things in life. Things like meat on sticks and gathering around a fire. He’s in touch with our collective roots! He’s in to trendy paleo diets! He cultivates a perfectly rugged and unkempt state of hygiene! Remarkably urbane, considering.

Vladimir Putin

Quite possible the single most intimidating world leader alive. When the Russian Prime Minister’s not hunting tigers, practicing judo, or swimming in Siberian lakes, he enjoys cowing other notable figures.

Kim Jong-un

Quite possibly the single least intimidating world leader alive. When this North Korean dictator isn’t hanging out with Dennis Rodman or spending government money on extravagances, he enjoys threatening superpowers over comedy films. I bet he’d make fast friends with Putin.

Shigeru Miyamoto

Ambassador of fun? The biggest kid to ever wear a suit? If you’ve ever owned a 3DS or a number of other video game systems, there’s an excellent chance you recognize this guy’s name. Though perhaps not as goofy a choice as the others on this list, it never hurts to include this veritable symbol of, in some communities, almost mythological stature.

Albert Einstein

This bawdy German made his name by describing the behaviour of the universe and sticking out his tongue at cameras. With more than 300 scientific papers published, Einstein’s name has become synonymous with genius. Perhaps now his days of intense mathematics are behind him and he can relax on his tree fort swing.

Rami Ismail

You might have seen him at every games conference ever. Indie dev megastar, strong proponent of the indie scene, and far taller on paper than he seems in person.

Elvis Presley

If you can risk letting those twisting hips corrupt the modesty of the other islanders, Elvis’ little-known brand of music could be a rare treat. Likes: rap music, health food, privacy. Dislikes: rhinestones, white leather, pomade.

Michael Jackson

Would you have one“king” but not the other? Of all the people you might Mii-ify, this man might actually be capable of the inhumanly quick dance moves the Miis perform.

Kurt Cobain

I can’t help but think that some of his frustration and rebellious spirit was lost in translation. How grungy can a Mii be? Not very. For the residents who’d like to experiment with emotions more complex and depressive than “I’m hungry” and “I want to make these two people into friends!”, there’s Kurt.

Jeremy Parish

Nintendo’s favourite Western journalist? I hear he carries his 3DS the way a gunslinger holsters his favourite revolver. Whether it’s making Animal Crossing sound more fascinatingthan it has any right to be or publishing books on Super Mario, this journo is always looking dapper. But he’ll never sit behind the Tomodachi news desk, just you watch.

Hideo Kojima

The man behind most of the Metal Gear franchise and an auteur developer if there ever was one. For better or for worse, Kojima games are very recognizably Kojima-ey. And now Tomodachiville can be more Kojima-ey too!

Bruce Lee

Probably the most widely recognized and adored martial artist in the world. Star ofmany genre films, subject of endless homage and imitation, and founder of the Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Institute. He would later regret the name, meaning “way of the intercepting fist”, because it implied specific parameters – his was a philosophy of practicing outside the boundaries of formalized schools.

Honorable Mentions

Mark Twain

Why didn’t he make the cut? Because his mouth is a wrinkle on his forehead. A black maw opens on his brow when he speaks. It might scare the other Miis.

Salvador Dali

Same problem. The kookypainter who had great fun with his moustache apparently suffered molecular rejiggering in the leap to digital.

Top 20 Famous Celebrity Miis to Download for Tomodachi Life (2024)
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