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As long as he is here, Gojo Satoru will definitely not be in such a situation where he would be cut in half in the future.

Holding his Zanpakutō, Sode Shirayuki, and Ryujin Jakka at his waist, Gojo Naruto is confident that he can influence and change the world.

Not only does he possess the power of his Zanpakutō, but he also possesses the power of the system. How could a cheating person like him not suffer a setback?

After everyone returned to the room to rest, Gojo Naruto turned on his system.

Originally, he just wanted to check the status of his Zanpakutō, but, to his surprise, the system panel suddenly froze.

——【What is going on? 】This is the first time that Gojo Naruto has encountered this situation.

From the time he had the system until now, the system has always been in good condition, except that it collapsed right after it was born, leaving only the Zankenzoki and Zanpakuto forging functions.

What does it mean now?

Is this broken and incomplete system completely unable to hold on?

No way?

Although he has mastered many skills and forged so many Zanpakuto, he is still not satisfied.

Aren't the more Zanpakuto the better?

The most important thing is that he hasn't learned Kidō yet!

Zankenzoki is the"basic" skill of the Grim Reaper, and he hasn't even opened the Kidō skill yet. In this case, what kind of Grim Reaper is he!

Gojo Naruto, who was lying on the bed, straightened up and sat up directly. In the moonlight outside the window, he began to check the system panel.

After the system panel was stuck for half an hour, Gojo Naruto finally re-entered the panel.

Gojo Naruto breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the system could still be turned on.

But the next second, he was stunned.

【Host: Gojo Naru】

【Age: 6】

【Zanpakuto: Ryujin Jakka (Shikai), Sode no Shirayuki (Bankai); other Zanpakuto can be found in the exhibition room】

【Slash (Kendo): Proficiency 100%】

【Boxing (White Fight): Proficiency 100%】

【Walking (Instant Step): Proficiency 88%】

【Ghost (Ghost Way): Proficiency 0%]

Is this his attribute panel?

Gojo Ming had never seen the attribute panel since he woke up from the system.

He didn't expect that after the freeze this time, his attribute panel would appear directly. This seemed to be a good surprise.

But then, after glancing at the prompt interface on the side, Gojo Ming was completely stunned.

Because, on the prompt interface of the system, this red text appeared:

【After testing, the host has met the system repair conditions (the number of Zanpakuto held has reached 10, Bankai has been completed, and the basic skills have been mastered by more than 50%). The system repair process has been started. The estimated repair time is unknown. Please find a safe place with abundant energy to sleep. 】

This prompt caught Gojo Naru off guard.

Before the system collapsed, Gojo Naru had already guessed whether such a system could still be repaired, but at that time, because there was no clue, he just regarded it as a guess.

Now it seems that his guess at that time has come true.

It turns out that the premise of system repair is like this, which means that after I handed over the Zanpakuto Kidomaru to Geto Suguru, the entire repair condition has been completely met.

In this case, the system will start the repair process. However

, why do I have to find a place with abundant energy to sleep?

The system can evolve, so why do I have to sleep?

And what is the estimated repair time unknown?

It seems that the time to repair this system will take a long time?

One month? Or two months?

Gojo Ming frowned. He suddenly felt that one or two months was still good. What he was most afraid of was that if it took a year or two to repair, his most precious life would be wasted.

——【Can the repair process be interrupted?

Gojo Ming tried to ask the system, but the system gave him a very cold answer.

——【Once the repair process is started, it cannot be terminated! Currently, the system repair process has been started. Please find a place with sufficient energy to repair the system.】

——【There are 22 hours and 53 minutes left before the energy absorption phase begins. Please make sure to find the sleeping place before the energy absorption phase begins. If you fail to find it, the system will absorb the energy in the host's body. The host is responsible for the consequences!

The red text of the system keeps flashing, giving Gojo Ming an inexplicable pressure.

——【What will happen? What if I don't find a suitable place?

Gojo Ming asked in a deep voice. There are only 22 hours left. Time is not enough.

——【Brain death, limb mutilation, loss of consciousness, memory loss and other conditions may occur. The specific situation will be determined based on the process of the system absorbing energy. 】

The system's response made Gojo Ming realize the seriousness of this incident.

Therefore, the most critical thing for Gojo Ming at present is to find a place with sufficient energy suitable for system repair within 22 hours.

Thinking of this, Gojo Ming did not have time to argue with the system why he had to force the upgrade.

Accidents are everywhere. Gojo Ming knew that his current plan would be disrupted by the accident of system evolution.

In the middle of the night, the lights in the Yorozuya were on, and everyone was awakened by Gojo Ming.

In the middle of the living room, everyone was wearing pajamas, looking at Gojo Ming standing on the kotatsu, with some confusion on their faces.

They had just fallen asleep and were woken up by Gojo Ming. They were considered to have good personalities for not losing their temper!

"Ming, what happened? Aren't you sleeping in the middle of the night? Why do you have to wake up so many people?"

Gojo Satoru rubbed his eyes, looking somewhat helpless.

Too many things happened today, and his six eyes analyzed too many things. He just wanted to have a good rest and didn't want to be tormented by his younger brother.

However, seeing that everyone was already there and only he was late, Gojo Satoru immediately shut up and gave the stage to Gojo Ming.

Seeing that everyone was there, Gojo Ming sighed, looked around, and said softly:

"I might fall into a deep sleep in the next period of time."

Gojo Satoru raised his eyebrows, not knowing what his brother meant by this. Isn't it normal to fall into a deep sleep at night?

"Now, I need to find a place full of energy to sleep, and the time of waking up is unknown!"

Gojo Satoru frowned, he felt something was wrong.

What does it mean to have an unknown sleeping time?

Everyone at the scene had the same idea as Gojo Satoru, what does it mean to have an unknown sleeping time?

"It may take at least half a year to start……"

Novels Emperor | Novel Jujutsu Kaisen: The Gojo Family Swordsmith Refuses to Be Cut in Half (2024)


Did Gojo get unsealed? ›

In the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, Gojo gets unsealed much later. It is only in chapter 221 that the readers finally witness Gojo escaping the Prison Realm. Given the current pace of the anime, this means it could be season 4 before Gojo will be seen on screen again.

Who killed Gojo? ›

Regardless of whether it made sense or not, it certainly did work. Sukuna was successfully able to infuse his Cursed Energy into this Cleave attack and cut up Gojo for good. This technique was so powerful that it completely bisected his body. His torso was chopped off and his legs were kept standing.

Is Gojo stronger than Sukuna? ›

For Gojo, this was the ultimate test and one that he was very excited to take. It is safe to say that he succeeded in defeating Sukuna and got his name engraved in history itself. Gojo is, by far, the stronger of the two sorcerers in nearly every single aspect of battle.

Why does Gojo cover his eyes? ›

The Six Eyes ability is actually exactly why Gojo has to wear a headband. His powers call on cursed energy to power him, and his heightened sight is a massive power drain - if Gojo were to not wear his headband, he'd be drained within minutes.

Will Gojo return after death? ›

Gojo Satoru returns in Jujutsu Kaisen, shockingly alive and ready to face Sukuna once again. Fans speculate on Gojo's strength after revival, wondering if he will be as powerful as before. Possible consequences of Gojo's return include weakened abilities and sacrifices made for his resurrection.

Is Gojo dead or sealed? ›

After a 3-year-long wait, Gojo was finally unsealed from the prison realm with the help of Hana Kurusu. Hana Kurusu used her Angel's curse technique, Jacob's ladder, to open the back gate of the prison realm.

Who defeated Sukuna 1000 years ago? ›

All the sorcerers of the Golden Age tried to kill Sukuna, and they were all defeated. So no one killed him. Apparently Sukuna chose a form of immortality by becoming a cursed object, with Kenjaku's help apparently.

Can Gojo defeat Goku? ›

Well to clearing thing up, with the strength/speed gap between Goku and Gojo, majority Gojo's attack are either too slow or to weak to affect Goku, including Hollow Purple. For Gojo's signature curse technique, Immeasurable Void is also unable to one shot Goku due to Goku having resistance to mind manipulation.

Is Sukuna Yuji's uncle? ›

Sukuna Had Been Revealed To Be Yuji's Uncle

It was revealed in the chapter that Yuji and Sukuna are actually related.

What are Gojo's six eyes? ›

Six Eyes is another innate attribute inherited within the Gojo clan. It grants the bearer extraordinary perception, allowing them to see the flow of cursed energy. The constant influx of information can be overwhelming, leaving the bearer overstimulated and tired. Six Eyes is an extremely rare trait.

Did Yuji lose his eye? ›

He lost the second pair of eyes that only open when Sukuna controls his body along with his many markings after the latter transferred to Megumi Fushiguro as his new vessel. Yuji's initial appearance in the manga.

Why does Sukuna like megumi? ›

Moreover, as Sukuna had displayed interest in Megumi's technique from the beginning, the King of Curses undoubtedly plans to use the technique for something. While the specifics remain unknown, it is seen that Sukuna always displayed interest in Megumi with the hopes of taking over his body and technique.

What happens after Gojo gets sealed? ›

Well what happens is everything that happened after he got sealed in the manga. A ton of cursed get unleashed and a new arc called culling games starts. An entire clan offensive force but two get annihilated. Some hard deaths and great battles.

Did Gojo get sealed in Shibuya? ›

Outcome. Satoru Gojo is sealed. Kenjaku escapes. Shibuya is decimated.

Why is unsealing Gojo a crime? ›

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 ended on a cliffhanger that confirmed that Gojo Satoru has been branded as a criminal and attempting to unseal him is a criminal offence. Gojo has been deemed to be an accomplice of Suguru Geto and one of the main heads behind the destruction of Shibuya.

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